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Jan 9, 2008
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Hi geeks!
I would like to ask your opinions on this.....
I rarely treat myself and decided to book myself and my mum in for a luxury pedicure and a facial next week at a beauticians house.
She has come highly recommended by several of my hair clients and friends.
She is doing our treatments on the same time and day. She is on her own and has no one helping her. I wonder is this actually possible? I just wondered how she can do us both at the same time?
Sorry if this sounds silly but I cant work it out in my head.
My friend recently had a pamper party with her and her friend and she said it worked fine and was very flowing and consistant.
Id just like some reassurance as its quiet pricey and I want me and my mum to have a nice relaxing time.
Thank you
Rachel xx
I personally dont do this as I feel the client is paying for my time and undivided attention.
Your therapist might start the pedicure, and while the feet are wrapped in heated towels or bootees, start the facial. Then while the mask is on and the facial client is resting, she will return to finish the pedicure client. Finishing off the facial at the end.
Its not ideal, or normal practice in a salon, but if you are willing to accept that scenario she will get your cash for about 2\3 of the time it should normally have taken. Your cash, your call !
Hi Rachel,

Don't know if you and your mum have already had your treatments - I'd be interested to hear how you found it...

I work by myself and have been surprised how many people choose to book and come along in pairs even though I always finish one person before I start the next so they'll often be here for 3hrs or more. I have a lovely comfy sofa and clients are welcome to snuggle up under a blanket for a snooze, read a book or I'll make them a pot of tea to enjoy whilst they wait for their friend/relative. I

t's almost the enforced relaxation time that they enjoy and having to put their feet up and do nothing as well as get the treatment they came in for. Just seems to work for a lot of my ladies (funnily enough the men never do this!)

im a mobile therapist and i have done more than one treatment on different people within the same house, whilst the first person is having their treatment the others just sit back, relax and have a drink.
There may be a bit of sitting around whilst the other one is worked on but it can still be done, depends if you mind I guess.

I am with Angela on this one.
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Personally I wouldn't do it,the whole process wouldn't be flowing,if there were another therapist I could call on then yes I would have 2 clients at a time but for me working on 2 clients at once just doesn't do it for me at all.I want to dedicate the allocated time to one client at a time,not be trying to remember where I was in sequence with each client and worrying about if the clent waiting to have her feet taken out of the foot spa is fed up of waiting or is still relaxed.

There would be an awful lot of sitting around and swapping and changing.For me it wouldn't be relaxing as a therapist or a client but this is just my personal views and if you and the therapist is happy then good luck to all:green:
If 2 people are coming from the same place and both want treatments I don't think you could ask them to come separately and as long as a client realises they will have to wait then it shouldn't be a problem. I have a mother and her 2 teenage daughters who come for leg waxes. I couldn't possibly as them to come along separately. While I am waxing one the other 2 read magazines and have a cup of tea. I must admit i don't really like the 'audience' but I just get on with what I am doing and the time seems to ggo quickly enough.
I think the point that some are missing on this thread here is not that there is an issue with more than one client coming into the salon/home at once but on being worked on both at the same time by one therapist.
I have had a 2 friends come to me at the same time for a pedicure but they actually asked me if that was ok, if you were to call me and book in for yourself and mum i would ask , not assume that you were both coming at the same time.
Personally i would check to see if this is ok with you both and ensure you understand that there may be some waiting around as other people have previously mentioned. She might swap between you both at the same time or complete one treatment before the other, people have different ways of working but personally i think she should have clarified this with you at the time of your booking.

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