uggs or snowjoggers???


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Aug 10, 2007
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kent, uk
hi all
what do you think of these snowjoggers...they are apparantly the new up and coming uggs??
I have been pondering over whether to get a pair of uggs but am not sure....but these are really growing on me..they do look better in the pics of people wearing them.
let me know what you think...

thanks ,see attached website for piccys!!
Winter Boots To Wear Instead of UGG(lie)s | FabSugar - Fashion & Style.
I prefer the Nine West Melba version ... in fact I'd buy some if I could. I've just bought a pair of furry boots, not cos I like them, but to keep my feet warm. Sometimes practicality has to win over fashion when you have no other choice, but i think those Melba's are smart!
the top boots look like the ones i use to wear as a child called moon boots.....i hated them as they were not really in fashion!! but god they were warm.....sorry still dont like them .....i prefer my black leather boots for winter,boring i know!
well personally I think the snowjoggers look tooooooo much like they should be worn on the Alps rather than the high street....

I prefer Uggs... or should I say Primark 'Uggs' for £ about comfy...I look like I am wearing my slippers because I refuse to tuck my jeans into them...I am not happy having short fat legs as it is....but like Sassy says...comfort wins I am afraid....

what about the winter crocs????? LOL...they are growing on me a little too...

Winter foot about looking a wally....:lol:
can't wait to see Vicky Pollard doing in the catwalk in these :)

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