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Hi dawnie.

Do u use the partial tips or the classic tips?

Thanks sharon x
Dear Dawnie,
Thanks very much. I shall give them a try.
Like the price as well.

Sharon x
Hi Sharon
I find the easy blend tips from Nail Solutions £22.50 for 500 they are great they are sooooooo easy to blend takes seconds!!!!!!! I will give u a link to there site

Hope this helps
Take care Dawnie


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Apr 23, 2003
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Hi there,
Wonder if anyone can advise me on the best and quickest tips to use. At the moment I am doing sculptured nails which are really quick and easy to do but I am bored and fancy going back to tips. The only problem I had with tips is the blending to the nail, It takes forever.
Hope someone out there can help.
Hi Sharon
I have both but i do like the classic.
Take care Dawnie xx
Thanks for your help Dawnie.
Here is a tip for tips..........
To cut down on the blending time, cut some of the well area with you one cutter. Just leave enough for the tip to stick to the natural nail.
It reduces the blending time. Takes a bit of getting used to, but you soon find the right amount of well area to leave behind. Remember tips are only there for length, the strength is in the product you apply over it.
Love Ruth xxxx
I agree with Ruth - I always cut the wells from my tips - white & natural tips. Saves so much time and little to no blending.

I believe Vicki Peters has a tip of the week on this, should be at
Thanks for advice.
I shall try cutting the well area, this sounds like a good idea.
Pity I did not think of that 5 years ago when I started doing nails.
What do you like best Tips or sculptured? just out of interest.
Sharon x
Dear All,
Well I did a new set of nails on myself this morning using tips.
I did what you all said and cut the well area and it was brill.
Nails took a bit longer to do but i am out of practice doing tips.
Thank you all again.
love Sharon.
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