UV-cured Powder and Liquid ??


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Sep 29, 2003
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would like to know if someone uses it and from which manufacturer..
I have problems with the smileline,..( I use CND) and I`ve thought maybe to use l/P that does not cure until I put the fingers into the lamp...maybe only for training,..when I`m "perfect" with creating the nail with this stuff than I could return to CND. What do you think???

I think that if a technician sat down one night at her kitchen table with a bunch of tips, a brush, some liquid an powder, and a pen .....

And if the technician drew with the pen, a smile line on the back of every tip .......

And then if the technician followed this line with her white powder and liquid to make smile lines on 20 - 30 tips .....

At the end of the evening, she would know how to do good smiles!!! :D

Using another product is not the answer to your problems, never mind the expense.!! :(

Get your mix right and get going and practice those smiles. If you really are at sea, then book an hour with your tutor and get to grips with it using the product you know and love. A lot less expensive and more beneficial.
hi ya i agree with geeg! having been in exactly the same boat when it comes to smile lines i forced myself about a month ago to sit down over the weekend in the evenings and just do smile lines on tips ok so i spent about 2hrs on the sat :shock:
2hrs on the sun night :shock:
and 200 tips later :?
i can do smile lines :D and i wish i had done it sooner yes its a drag and nobody wants to sit doing 200 smile lines (hey you may get lucky and you could do it in 50 !) but its the only way to do it and will be the smartest and cheapest way to go! you dont need to make life more difficult for yourself by investing in another system CND L&P is great and gives you enough time if you have your ratio right to acheive great smile lines even as a beginner.
now all i have to do is sit and do 200 apex's on those 200 smile lines i did :D that way i know i will crack that too! good luck hun just take a bit of time and make a bit of effort and it will all come together ;)
thats is an ab fab way to practice smile doh why did'nt i thhink of that!!!!!
I trained over 2 years ago in l and p and gave up smile lines after the creative training!!!! i tried everything nail polish to paint a french on then white tips to cheat and then along came the nail geek with his fab tutorials and i can now do smile lines to a t!!!! well more like a c actually!!!
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