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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Allrighty.... I have to Vent.... cause im a little upset here. :freak:

Here I am happy go lucky geek doing happy go lucky demo's at the CND stand in Stoneleigh on Monday when I am informed by someone (actually it was several people at several different times) that according to competitor X, using Creative was akin to worshiping Satan.

But why pray tell?

Because they permanently damage your nails.

WTF? Eh? Come again?

Yup... The good old 'marketing by pure stupidity' the only way losers can manage to sell loser products.

Arg... Only irresponsible people pray on the ignorance of others. Why can't competitors (especially in our industry) simply sell their products (and services) on the merits of said products (and services)?
Inform the professional (and customers) of what can be achieved with their system (and service) and let them use that information to make their own minds up about which route to take?

We have great relationships with many of our competitors. We all work together to inform the industry, to grow it and to work to create new technologies that make nail technicians work safer, smarter, and more successfully. This has been done through research and development as well as education.
All it takes is a bunch of yahoo's hoping to offload a bunch of crap to put the entire industry back into the dark ages. Hell, they may as well have been telling people that 'acrylics' cause mold... Actually... I wouldn’t really have put it past them now that I think about it.

Anyhooo... Ill get off my soap box... It just riled me to hear how unprofessional professional companies can be.

Other than that... I had a swell show :revolve:
And what was their wonderful system??
:evil: Ok, now it's time for those in the nail industry to do what is commonly said here in Texas. Time to open up a can of whoop ***! :hit: Pardon the language!!!! But it's true!!! My goodness, can't people get a freaking clue! What total idiots we have in the world, not to mention this industry! They need a sign saying "i'm stupid!!!! Then all those that believe all those companies bashing all the other companies need their signs to wear too so that we can all avoid them!!!!!!!!! Good grief! Ok , now I will get off my soap box, and hush, but really!! This company and people need a sing and REAL product information!!!!!!!!!!! :study:
MichelleAU said:
And what was their wonderful system??

As much as I would like to say, I just don't want to feel I have done the same as them ya know?!? :gun:

Anyhooo.... Sometimes it seems that it is a far too common occurrence in our industry. How many times have you heard of nail technicians that try and crawl their way to a full book by 'slaggin' off everyone else’s work? And how far do they get? Not far at all.

How many times has someone come to you for a repair/rebalance as their regular tech couldn't get them in.... you look at the nails and want to casually scream "MY GOD WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?!? CRIKEY... CALL NASA... THERE IS LIFE ON MARS" :beam: , but instead bite your tongue... offer a compliment... and let your product (your nails in this case) do all the talking for you?

I hope always.
I think your right it's the professional thing to do just rise above it & ignore them, It's what my dad would call "Turning the other Cheek" :eyesore:

Well all I can think is that they have a case of the green eyed monster and their Sales are down.
:?: Why otherwise on earth would any one make such a stupid comment.
Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but in this case it's a big mis.............take.
You never as a professional bad mouth anyone in the same industry.
If they have a concern about a product then they should approach the company direct and vent their views there. But it seems to me uneducated is was uneducated does. :pig:
God could you imagine, if the new line in advertising a product is just simply rubbish your Competitors .
I certainly wouldn't buy from anyone that seems to employ such a standard of Sales Technique.

Maybe it was just that time of month????????? PMT: PRE MONEY TENSION in the Sales Department.
Any way must dash
As we say here in the trade time for Voddy and Orange :trashed:
Nailsinlondon1 said:
Maybe it was just that time of month????????? PMT: PRE MONEY TENSION in the Sales Department.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: too funny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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