Very long natural nails..too long for NNO?


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Oct 14, 2009
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I have a client she has very long natural nails, to the point where they are actually starting to curl under. she wanted a nno on them to stop them from which I did....she went 4 weeks when I first done them ( yes a bit too long, but she was one of those clients that wanted to call when she wanted them infilled) anyway one had popped off the nail plate, because the balance was out..grown too long.

So I done the infill last week she called couple of days ago saying 2 had done the same...she knows she did it by banging them on a my question is how long is too long to have NNO's on nails?

I think this is just going to keep should i try and make her have shorter nails..I mean I can't make her, after all they must have taken ages to grow that long lol

Or stop doing them because I feel like it's my rep on the line here and I don't want it to be a case of me keep going round mending cracked acrylic or worse she breaks her natural nail

Guessamate of natural nail length would be just a tad short of a full length plastic nail tip

It really depends on the client.
I myself have worn mine as NNO as much as 1/2 inch or a smidgeon more, past the free edge (see my pics on FB of 'my' nails. Other than the stilletoes, 'my' squares are NNO's)
BUT I'm "used to" long nails. I have a few other clients that wear them around the same length. No breaks ever.

Has she only "just started" wearing enhancements? And as you say, she admit she had a run-in with a door.
Takes some time adjusting, for most.

You could suggest she go a tad shorter, and slowly get accustomed and go longer and longer?
I'd have to see pics to really judge the issue.
But personally, myself and many clients don't have a problem with length.
BUT 5x as many can't handle them longer than the ends of their fingers LOL
well if she is banging them against something then they should "pop" of otherwise the natural nail could be damaged. And if you leave so long nails between apps, then of course they will be more than likely to break than others because they are already unbalanced being so long.

Having said that I agree with (how did Gigi name you again V THE Hunter or something LOL) some can and a lot cannot, but you cannot perform miracles, if she can grow her natural nail that long, she should be able to have NNO's so long. Just make sure she knows they can break, so she can't use her nails as tools.
I can tell you exactly when too long is too long and that is when the client proves she can't handle the length because she is always banging her nails into things.

I would say it sounds as if she has got to the point now where she should keep the length constant and not go any longer or she really will break one or two and it will really tick her off to have to start again from scratch growing them.
Thanks Ladies

I think your right about getting them a bit shorter, i got her book for 2 weeks time so I'll have a word with then.

Really I have to say I like long nails, but when they start going under/claw looking I don't think it looks great anyway. But she wanted they french overlay and it looks pretty odd if you ask me with the length she has.

But I will speak to her and point out that they would be neater, more balanced and easier to maintain if she lost a little length

Thanks again :)
Having said that I agree with (how did Gigi name you again V THE Hunter or something LOL)

I'm not going to live this down, am I?

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