Vinylux manicure price?


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Nov 20, 2008
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Slough, Berkshire
Evening geeks

I'm introducing Vinylux in my salon after getting the intro pack from the Olympia show today.

I have done a search, but didn't find what I wanted.

What do you charge for a vinylux manicure? Surely it's gotta be cheaper than a shellac manicure.
What is your process for vinylux manicure?
We charge £25 including hand and arm massage. HTH.
I charge £10 for cuticle work, file & paint.
My shellac manicure is £25 would I charge same for Vinylux?
My vinylux is £12 for mini mani and £16 for mani. I'm still a newbie and don't charge as much as all the other techs here xx
Hope this helps
It depends on what you are including in your manicure.

I do mini manicure for £15 inc. soak, file, shape, cuticles and polish
Full mani for £25 inc. the above as well as hand and arm massage and scrub

I charge £25 for Shellac mani inc. file, shape, cuticles and Shellac application
If wanting a full Shellac mani then I add soak, scrub, hand and arm massage for £10 extra, so £35

What does your mini mani include?
What does your normal mani include?
I charge it as a normal polish manicure.

For me that means £12 for cuticles, shape, polish. £18 to add exfoliation, massage, moisturiser. £22 to add paraffin wax xx

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I do it for £12 that's for file and vinylux polish... £22 for shellac one colour just so you can see the price difference :)
I charge the same as I would for a my regular polish manicures:

F&P £10
Mani £20
Lux Mani £25
I charge £10 for basic file and polish with vinylux
£15 for above and cuticle work
£20 for shellac plain and £23 with Glitter, Additives etc.
Would vinylux last if prep wasn't done?
What do people charge if they do a vinylux manicure & the client also purchases the bottle of vinylux?

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I would charge the retail price of the Vinylux.
Would you charge this on top of your manicure price?

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Would vinylux last if prep wasn't done?

Just getting straight in here and answering so not sure if someone else has. Vinylux lasts brilliant on healthy nails that have been PEPPED.... P - perform manicure removing non-living tissue with CuticleAway, shaping the free edge with your Kanga and E & P using ScrubFresh to Eliminate contaminants and Purify nail plate or squeak clean the nail plate.

Then apply your Vinylux colour and Vinylux Top and retail colours, top and SolarOil.

For those charging £10 for a manicure... I really think you need to rethink pricing especially in lee of the time it takes you... You are worth so much more... REALLY!

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