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Nov 1, 2018
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Franklinville NJ
Hey y'all. So I'm not a hair stylist in any way lol. I'm a massage therapist who is way out of her league trying to figure out hair for my personal needs. I haven't had a sew in for years and my bff used to do a partial for me(leave out on he top). It was okay. Not great but what else would I really expect for $50 and a movie night? I want to get a sew in again and I love the vixen sew in. I'm practically obsessed. I'm worried with buying hair though. I haven't bought bundles since my last sew in and I'm going crazy trying to figure out the best option.

1. I'm still trying to find a vendor to buy from. I want good quality but I am only 22 and paying for life all my own so dropping like $500-800 on bundles is not in my budget (the salon I'm planning on going to said i would need 3 bundles) but I don't want to waste my money on crap hair because I tried to be cheap. Does anyone know a good vendor that is more in the $300-$400 range for 3 bundles? I want kinky curly hair, Brazilian ❤

2. Since the Vixen has a good amount of leave out (I'm planning for the 4 part option) I'm thinking of having everything layered to make it have a more realistic look to it and so that my natural leave out blends easier. I was trying to figure out though if I should get 3 bundles at 22/24/26 or just the 26 since I'm having it layered anyway.

If anyone can help it'd mean so much to me! I'm so nervous of messing up or screwing myself. Thought I'd as the Pros lol.

Please and Thank you!

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