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Nov 13, 2007
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there is a thread lower down on this page of the forum at the moment that relates to what i'm asking, but i didn't think i'd get answered if i posted in there.

anyway, i have a problem with getting my waxing time down.
i'm currently doing formative assessments at college when we have client sessions.
as it is, i haven't had any waxing clients yet [i'm basically f%@*$^ anyway.]
but i can't get my half leg waxing time down.
i need to do it in 30 mins, and i can't.

i have a waxing exam in 2 weeks, and i need the time down for then.
i can't practice at home as i don't have a wax pot.
and i also don't have time to practice on class mates as in our lessons that aren't client sessions, we're moving on with the curriculum and are learning pedicure.

what can i do to get my time down other than reduce the amount of times i rub the strip?
If I were you I'd invest in a wax pot, you can get them for £13. You will feel more confident if you can fit in some waxing b4 your exam.

Practice makes perfect as they say.

My advice would be: put the wax over the lower leg, all in one go and then quickly remove, move the legs to the side, one way then the other. This way you are taking off some hair at the back of the legs. Then work up and over the knee.

The back of the legs should take no time at all compared to the fronts.

You need to press down firmly as you know with the strips to get the hair to remove well and not break off if it isn't pressed down enough if you get me meaning!!

Good luck. xxx
Put the wax on thinner

Be methodical

u can get wax kits off ebay cheap hun . i got a student kit for £49.99 called satin pro . the wax is lovely and i also got a free tunic. so a bargain!! u really need a practice kit hun when u study in this industry and its actually a compulasary part of my nvq course to have one . i really think u shpould have a quite word with ur college tutor also as its there job to try and get everyone thro as much as poss . its ok to ask for extra help . the advice the brow qween and tinky winky have given is great but any advice any of us geeks give u wont pay off unless u practice hun . good luck with ur exam tho and let us know how u get on , it wont be as bad as u think , u just need more confidence in urself .x
Make sure your prep is quick and efficient and that you prep the front and back together by getting the client to bend her knee if necessary.

Place four wax strips on the couch so you do not need to waste time returning for more.

Make sure the wax pot is near the couch so you can easily reach it don't need to walk to it each time.

Here is my routeen for legs.

Rotate clients leg which is stretched out flat on the couch so that their toes are facing inwards. Place wax around the leg starting nearly behind the knee with curved strokes inwards and down all the way down to the ankle bone, this may take 4 separate strokes. Then I remove this with the wax paper. I then turn the clients foot so the toes are facing outwards and repeat the process on the other side. Then any remaining hairs are covered by downward wax strokes over the center of the leg and removed.

(When waxing the right hand side of a leg as I am facing the leg, the top of my spatula away from my hand is facing up the couch and when waxing the left my spatula is facing down the couch with my wrist slightly twisted and my elbow bent across my body-hope this makes sense.)

Turning the leg means there is less hairs on the back of the leg by the time I get there.

Then I bend the knee and wax in the direction of hair growth over the knee.

When the client then turns onto her back there is only a small strip to be removed these hair usually curve around the leg so slight gentle curves may be needed with wax application.

Quickly slather on aftercare lotion while telling the client their aftercare.
in an exam, is it okay to verbally relay the aftercare advice and fill out the consultation after?

also, the only reason i haven't bought a wax pot yet is because my tutor advised us not to, and to wait until the professional beauty show at excel next year.
The only way I got my waxing times down to a reasonable level was by practice, and the only way you can get enough practice in really is to have a wax pot of your own and do as much as possible. Probably the reason your tutor said that was because you can get some good offers at the shows, but you don't have to pay a lot to get a wax pot. Have a look at some online beauty suppliers like Ellisons, Beauty Express and Salons Direct.

Good luck in your exam!

i think if enough people want to know, i'll post a thread after saying if it went well etc?

& i'll see if i can invest in a wax pot sometime this week then, though i still need people to practice on. oh well, the family now have no choice.

my extra card should come soon so if should get money off a wax pot i buy also. there's a shop near where i live that sells everything i use at college, including waxpots and strips etc, so i think i'll go there.
in an exam, is it okay to verbally relay the aftercare advice and fill out the consultation after?

You always fill out the consultation form before treatment and give aftercare advise at the end in the real world but ask your tutor what is required in the exam. :hug:
my tutor informed my class today that she's trying to get our waxing exam postponed as no-one is going to have done enough formative assessments by exam week, so i think we're only doing manicure exams now.

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