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Jul 3, 2010
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Hi there,

im new to this... and will be starting my level 2 beauty therapy soon...which i cannot wait for!

Anyway i know there are plenty of threads about waxing and heaters, but i can't find much on this product

Buy Professional Wax System from Beauty Express

Do think this would be good enough for me to practise with whilst doing my course and then i would like to go mobile / home based, or shall i just go for this one

Buy Hive Multi Pro Cartridge Heater from Beauty Express

Obviously starting out and after investing in the course, i would like to save money, but i don't want to waste money in the long run so would rather get a better one now, i just haven't heard much about the babyliss one, so was wondering if anyone could give me their personal experiences of it?

thanks, dally :)
Personally if you want to use Roller Wax I would go with the Hive one ... they do a Mini-Multi Pro which is the one I am recommending on my training courses.

This has three cartridge slots and fits both the 80g and 100g cartridges no problem. Some heaters like the Babyliss and Clean & Easy have spaces for different sizes of cartridge, I would rather only have to buy one basic size that I can use on all jobs with different size heads.

And Hive heaters really are very good. I would also suggest looking at a 1000cc wax pot (again Hive) as sometimes a pot & spatula can be very useful for touch up areas, tough to get into or if you want to offer Hot / Non-Strip wax.

Master your pot and spatula before you use a roller system.I have a roller but i still find i need to use pot spatula and hot wax.
i agree with Gillian. at college you will use a pot and a good idea would be to buy second hand pot and practise with this first. i use both --clean and easy roller system and pot. xxxx
I would buy a large hive heater if you want to make sure you are being economical for the future.The kits are probably excellent value and as you see today at beauty express they are vat free its also free delivery over a certain amount.Its also vat free at salon direct until 12 tonight.
The large hive 1000 will enable you to use hot wax in it at a later date and it has separate pots you can lift out to interchange between different types including paraffin wax.
They are also reliable have a lid and easy to clean.
Hive wax is also a nice wax remember not all waxes are the same you may well use some awful ones at college as they tend to use low end products so if you do buy a kit dont necessarily go for the cheapest.
I like babylis wax as well and their kits are nice although the little heater has a slide temperature control which is not easy to move when the pot is full.It does have separate containers though and is very cheap to buy.The kits are very good value for money.
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Thanks guys for your feedback. The main reason i was interested in roller systems is because whenever i have had my waxing done and it has been with roller wax, i have loved it! The wax was like a cream, more than a wax, it was really quick and really clean ...i loved it... but i understand what you mean by perfecting the pot wax before hand...and looking at my syllabus this is what we will be training with.

I have just been researching lots of brands and products so at least i am a bit more knowledgeable when training and when i finish i won't feel so lost! Thanks millions :)

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