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Sep 6, 2006
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Hi everyone,

I am due to start the waxing module soon. We have been advised to get our products ready for when we start. Our tutor said as the college kits they offer do not contain everything we were advised to perhaps find our own supplier (helpful as ever!) on the list of things we were given it says 'waxing strips paper / fabric' I'm not sure if that means we need both or either, does it depend on the manufacurer or is it a personal preference thing to have paper or fabric strips?

I would ask on Monday but I can make the next one and then we break up, I just wanted to get my bits ordered so I'm not the only one without!

Thank you for reading everyone,

Lou xxx
Hi, no the manufacturer doesn't make any difference. It's down to personal preference which ones you use. I would get a packet of each and try them both, then you can decide for yourself. For my waxing, I use paper for large areas (legs, back etc) and fabric for small areas. Hth's.
As said i would get both but do not get the cheapest paper ones as they can tear in use or they leave the wax behind.
Definitely down to personal preference - i dont think that the thinner ones necessarily tear either so this is where personal choice comes into it. I prefer the paper ones.
Personally speaking, I prefer paper for everything except the face. I prefer to cut the fabric strips into smaller strips for small areas i.e. brows, lip & chin as it's more flexible for the small contours of the face.
Here's a tip : the fabric strips create clouds of tiny pieces of cotton....... so shake them over the bin first. :rolleyes:
Thats brilliant thank you everyone xx
Buy a packet of both and see which you prefer. Paper strips are far more popular though.

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