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Jul 20, 2008
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Am I going mad I can't work out how to attach my paypal account onto my website so that people can pay me deposits to my paypal via my website. Could anyone help??? I know there are a few on here that are experts on this, but could you tell me in a very simple way pleeaassee. Thankyou in advance and I'm grateful for your help with my sanity:eek:
Did you ever get a response to this or did you figure it out? If you did can you tell me as I'm about to throw my laptop out the window!! :green:
I find Ruth Mills very good for answering these type of questions, why dont try to private message her? Sorry but I don't have clue:confused:
Ruth is very good, has a hand on many things but mainly java. We got a guy to integrate a streamline payment system to our site that 2 other web people couldn't, I can give you his name and number if you like?
Ruth is away now until Sunday night (26/9), this sounds a good idea - maybe something I should do too. I will keep my eye on this thread x:hug:x
What part are you stuck with? Generating the button code from PayPal in the first place, or inserting that code into your webpage - or both?

What are you using to edit your site?

If you want to PM me the URL of your site and tell me where you want the button to show I can tell you where to put the code.
I can get the button on the page, but when you click it, it doesn't link in to paypal!
Did you paste the entire code in there? Does it link to ANYTHING? There should be something in there beginning with <a href=" , before the <img src= part

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