Weird Gelish? Help!


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Sep 26, 2011
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Noticed today a few of my gelishes look like this through the window :(
Not sure if the pics any good but they're all separated x
What's going on??


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My up in the blue was like that I gave it a good roll in my hands (not a shake) and it seemed ok after that x
some of mine seperated after not being used for a while , give them a good stir up with a metal tool before you go home / finish for a day . the next day they shuld be fine :)
My seek White & black shadow ate the same!!
Some of mine have don the same at product inside is ok.
The very fine glitter colours i have coloured over the window with black ink as the brush went a little hard. I guess because there is no pigment to filter light out.

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I noticed this when I was in Sallys today, their Sheek White looked very strange through the window, maybe cos it has been sat for a while.
and to think they bothered to patent the window ....
My sheek white did that too but it cured that way. I've had it for 9 months now and I never use it since it's not white enough.

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