What a completley crap day!


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May 12, 2003
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Well, today was awful as it was my Great Grandma's funeral. She was 95 so she had a good long life but it's still upsetting. :(

Plus I got Bills through and as I am just starting up I have no money! I start at my new work on Saturday so tomorrow will be really busy as I have to go round and set up. So I need as many customers as possible to pay my bills! AARGGGHHH! :pale:

Plus my friends are talking about this Girls holiday we have planned for later on in the year and there is no way I can afford it at this rate!

Sorry to moan, but has really been one of those days. And I know I am really lucky and there are thousands of people who are so much worse off than me, but at the end of the day I AM A GIRL AND I AM HORMOANAL!!! :( :(

Okay, that's it, I'm done whinging. Sorry! :oops:
I'm sorry to hear about your grandma ... what a long and interesting life she must have had.

But YOU have a bright future ahead of you and exciting times to look forward to ... before you know it you will have the money for your holiday too.

If you do the best job you can do and always strive to do even better for the next client ... be thoughtful ... be attentive to their needs ... keep your head down and work hard you can not fail to be successful.

All of us wish you a great opening on Saturday ... Best of British!!! I'll be thinking of you.
Thank You, that is appreciated. :sunny:

She lived through two World Wars and had Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren and lots of friends, so really it was nice to see how loved she was. She also had a very strong Catholic belief and had no doubt in her mind about where she was going! :D

I am determined to make this a success and I am really looking forward to Saturday. My Encyclopedia of Nails will be in my draw as well, so that I can learn things while it's quiet and also so I can consult it if I have any problems! :study:

Your words were very kind and I appreciate that so thank you very much. :D
Hi Darling
I am sorry to hear about your great grandma it must be a sad time for you but hey!!!!!!! think of the good times you shared.
Money who needs money :D
Be positive and as Geeg says keep your head down and before you know it you will be booking that holiday :D
My thoughts are with you.
Good luck for Sat and all the best for the future.
Cheers Dawnie xxxxxxxxxx
First a big hugg
We all need one of those from time to time to time, and now I feel is the time for one xxxx
Second , Geeg is right, keep ya head down, do your best, and the rest will follow.
Before you know it, you will be busy as a bee, well respected in our profession, a mentor to many and an inspiration to all.
Someone your Grandma would be proud of. I am sure she is already , but hey every little bit extra helps.

And remember , even tho she is gone , she is only a happy thought away
Lots of love
thinking of you on your big day
lots of love Ruth and Faye xxx
Good luck tomorrow. I think someone special will be looking over you!


Go knock 'em dead with your great work and positive attitude! You'll be fine!!! ;) :thumbsup:
Good luck tomorrow, I`ll be thinking of you as I`m sure your gran will be too, she`ll make sure you do ok and you will have the money rolling in soon.
I`ve only been in my shop since 5th april and I was fully booked yesterday for the first time, its getting there for me and it will for you too.
Let us all know how you get on and HAVE FUN
hugs and best wishes!
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