What about OPI Acrylic?


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Feb 1, 2011
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Hi just been reading a few threads on which is the best Acrylic system to use.

NSI and CND are always highly rated, but no one mentions OPI

I trained with them and use their products, so have not tried other companies. Am I missing out? can someone give me their comparison on these and other products? Does anybody else use them?? lol

I used OPI in my salons for a number of years before moving on to CND, so I know OPI very very well.

You are very fortunate to have CND right there in Scotland located at 01313333180 the Fingertips Centre.

Why don't you go along and meet them and discuss what they have to offer you You could have a demo and see for yourself what you are missing :D... there are many differences in the enhancement products where CND specialize ... OPI are more known for polish. No reason you cannot use both companies and get what you think is the best that both have to offer.

With CND enhancement systems, you have ease, beauty, logevity, far fewer products to purchase, easy and very gentle prep, and up to the minute technology plus their reputation for training and excellence which is unmatched.

They are a wonderful team at the Fingertips Centre and will make you most welcome. x
I did my initial training with CND but when I opened my salon I used OPI Absolute, it was good but I REALLY missed all the CND products, epecially PREP and I still continued to use only CND tips. And I have to say the OPI training I had was shocking - the trainer ended up getting me to show her how I did my smile lines cos they were better than hers!! Now maybe I was unlucky with that particular trainer but it really put me off.

Now I'm starting up a new business I have gone back to CND and am so pleased. I've just done my Brisa conversion with them and the level of training doesn't even compare tbh.

If you're happy with your products thats cool but I don't suppose it ever hurts to try something else :)

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