What am i doing wrong??


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Aug 7, 2010
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Hello everyone

I've noticed when i have spray tanned someone they have a darker patch on the inside of their arm at the top nr the armpit.. i assume its where their arm touches the side of their body when they put their arm down. i've tried getting them to keep their arms away from the body as much as poss but its just not working? i have also tried to dry the side of the body after i have sprayed but its still happening.
a friend tanned me too she is a trained spray tanner too and the same happened to me. when i washed the next day i had a real darker patch, which i personally wasnt v happy with. if i was going to a wedding and wearing a strapless dress i wouldnt be v happy either.
i am tanning a lady tomorrow who is wearing a strapless maxi dress to a function and im dreading it!! nobody has ever complained to me about it but it really knocking my confidence.
thanks everyone
how can i stop this from happening?
Poor Prep of the client? Does it look slightly green or just a darker patch running down the arm from the armpit?

High chance its deodorant or roll on

hiya, its defo not deodorant. when i mentioned it to the girl that tanned me she said oh its hormonal!! i dont think it is, i think im doing something wrong.. im defo not using too much spray about 25ml per tan, im stumped, i dont know what to do to stop it happening?? xx
when the client is side on ask them to lift there arm with the inner arm facing you , spray from the elbow to under arm and on to the hip,then remove the gun from your machine and dry the whole area, this usually only happens on larger clients but if you do this on every one its a sure fire way to avoid the bronzer rubbing off, incedently the dark marks are just bronzer from the guide colour and will scrub off , without affecting the cured tan underneath
thank u steve, yes my clients have all been quite larger and thinking about it when i have sprayed my hubby it has never happened. thank u so much, its funny how a little thing like that can knock your confidence. im a reall worrier and i care so much about the outcome. i will follow ur advice, i had really good training but unless that happens to you its hard to know what to do.
when you spray the front and back of them ask them to stand with their arms out from their body and elbow at a 45 degree angle this will keep their armpit and inner arm away from their body. When you do their side, say left, get them to keep their right arm in that position and get their left arm up with their left hand behind their head.

To do their inner arms etc they can have their hands in the typical hands up stance that tv policy normally want (for want of a better description). If they lower their arms before the tan dries then there will be some transfer of tan. Likewise if you overspray an area that is more likely to get some transferance.

After you have left the room it is up to the client to make sure they follow your after care and that means from the moment they wait to dry to showering it off. The system we have comes out even though if the client has dark transferance patches.

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