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Oct 26, 2010
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Hey everyone :)
Before I do my CND foundation course next year - after I have my baby & get some funds together - I wan't to educate myself as much as possible to give me the best chance at success when I finally take the course.
Any recommendations? The complete Nail Technician my Marian Newman is one I have seen? Any good? I wan't a book that won't contradict anything I may learn under CND also nothing that will confuse me too much, I just want to understand the basics really!?

Any suggestions woud be greatly appriciated :green:

Stacey x

Hey Stacey,

Welcome and good luck :)

You HAVE to get Doug Schoon, as a returnee to the world of nails I would not be without it. It goes in to the anatomy of the hands and feet as well as the science of the products in a "not jargoony" way, it is my bible !!


Brilliant, thanks very much for that! I will purchase a copy ASAP :green:

Stacey x
Nailclass by Gigi Rouse is brilliant too.
Gigi is an educator for CND so it wont contradict anything you learn on your training.

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