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Dec 17, 2007
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Hello all... thanks for reading this, please take two minutes to leave me some feedback :) ok, I am currently training in gel nails, manicure, waxing and I'm doing an ASET Diploma in human physiology and health so I can then so a massage course... then when all complete I will be going mobile...
What about this for a name? - "A Time To Treat You"
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i like it! sounds very pampering :)

good luck xx
like it, although a mouthful!
Hi ya huni , I like it but its a mit of a mouthful, so why not shorten in a lil bit like 'you time' or 'treat time' just a thought hun but its a good name and as your mobile then i think its fine make you think of relaxing and being pamperd xx
thanks guy's .. i did like TIME FOR YOU but my friend it dont say what i do or give any idea to what i do ,, :irked:

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