what is the method of mixing acrylic powder to monomer?


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Jul 12, 2003
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Do you mix the 2 into a small pot or do you simply dip your brush into the monomer first and then into the acrylic powder?

Would like to know the correct way of doing this to avoid having a wrong ratio.

Hi Han,

The mix ratio varies from product line to product line. The best thing for you to do would be to have some tuition locally to you to help with your specific product line.
Yup ... sounds to me like you are trying to go it alone and yuo will get simply nowhere that way.

Get to a class ... professionals are not born they are made!!
It's not as simple as just getting the ratio right..............
Or which brush to use
or how to apply the acrylic to the zones
or how to build up your stress areas
or how to do it yourself education on acrylic........
It's about becoming a good well trained, qualified Nail Technician.....

Have you had any Nail Training at all ??? I am not asking these questions so I can be mean..........
I am asking these questions because, like all systems you need good sound education..................

I have had some great education for Fibreglass, Silk and Gel Systems, and yes I have had a play with the acrylic system.........
but most qualified Technicians do, because we are nosey lol and want to see if we can do this by ourselfs........because we know how to do other systems...................

But and there is a huge but........... Self training will never make me a great Acrylic Technician only good sound education from a good sound education provider will do this.......................

For example know I can drive my car very well and know it inside out, but would I drive a truck with just written instructions to guide me lol ????

definatley not...............

So like Geeg says Get smart, get educated and get the best out of your Training there is.......
Good luck Hun
love Ruth xxxx
Hi to everyone who had taken the time to reply to my question concerning the mixing of monomer to powder.

I understand that the best and proper way to learn the art of nail enhancement would be to have classes from a professional. However at this stage, being in a foreign country for only the duration of 5 months it is very difficult for me to enrole on the courses which are available in dutch.

I do not intend to become a nail technician, I only have a passion to do my own nails and I am in the process of learning through books and of course the internet. This site would be wonderful to learn tips and guidelines.

I do believe that experimenting as safely and as wisely as I can at this stage through sites like this is better than nothing at all.

I will end in saying that this is a wonderful site with many kind professionals who are willing to give their advice whether it be to amateurs like myself or to other professional nail techs. It's a great thing your doing and thankyou.

Could somebody kindly tell me whether it is best to mix the monomer and powder into a pot or do you prefer the method of dipping the brush into the acrylic and working that way.

Thanks again. )
If you mixed your monomer and polymer in a pot, it would go rock hard and you would not be able to use it at all.

You only have a limited time to work with the bead you create -- so mix by dipping into the powder with your wet brush.

I worry that you will have many problems if the nail is not prepared correctly beforhand ... bacterial infections come to mind as well as lifting and many other things.

What products are you using ... that would help to know, at least, as they all work a bit differently.

Not being trained you are liable for any mishaps and are not covered by insurance. I do not mean to sound 'school-marmish' or uninviting - we welcome your interest - but we all take our profession seriously, and the non-professional should not be using professional nail products without proper chemical knowledge -- I know that you understand how we think if you are reading this board.

You are also liable to HEAVY fines and possible imprisonment if you travel with flammable liquids so be careful.
In reply to your question regarding what brands of powder and liquid I use, they are;
Star nails performance

In reply to your 2nd question regarding my methods of preparation, I do the following;

nail fresh which as you know disenfects and dehydrates the natural nail


I then file the surface of the nail with the kANGA file

Apply scrubfresh again

I use star nails acid free primer

If my preparation method is wrong please tell me, I would appreciate your opinion.

As for lifting, it has happened to me on occasions, but less when the nail is prepared well and the right filing technique also helps.

In comment to travelling with chemicals I am fully aware of the charges thanks to reading one of the posts here. If it wasn't for forums like this I'm sure a few of us here would not be so informed.

PREP - you may soften the skin around each nail first with SolarOil or Cuticle Eraser

Push back the eponychium with a clean sanitized metal pusher and remove, from around the sidewalls and eponchium, any cuticle that is on the nail plate.

Remove any shine from the nail plate by exfoliating gently with a KOALA buffer - in the direction of nail growth - never back and forth or side to side.

ScrubFresh the surface of the plate thoroughly and concentrate particularly on the grooves. (as if you were removing nail varnish)

Apply Acid free primer - let dry and commence application.

There is no need to use Nail Fresh as well, but if you want to then use it BEFORE ScrubFresh

May I ask how/where you purchased your Creative products? In the UK or in Holland?
I know that some techs have said there is no need to use nail fresh in combination with scrubfresh, but for those who do like myself, it's only to have peace of mind to know that I have taken every step to help prevent lifting.

As I have stated in my earlier email, I do use nailfresh before scrubfresh.
But as I value your advice, perhaps I should cut out using nail fresh.

With concerns towards where the products have been purchased I detect that you are concerned about travelling on the aeroplane with them, so may I reassure you that I didn't. There are other methods of travelling and ways of obtaining what you need through supply stores here in Europe.
Just a thought - the Beauty Company - Peggy Spill is located in Eindhoven - they do courses with Creative and I am sure she could help (she is Dutch) - if you want the number let me know!!! ;)
I don't want to sound like a prat and this is not at all pointed at you hansy.

We all are always posting (i know on beautytech) about DIVERSION and how does the public get there hands on PROFESSIONAL products. It really gets me steamed when I hear of un-educated people getting their hands on PROFESSIONAL products. Then to top it off they come to us about how to use them. Don't you think that's why we have paid so much in schooling and spend so many hours in classes, then taking time to renew our licenses, taking test out the butt. This really makes me mad. When the polishes end up on store shelve it got me mad but when the acrylic gets out there this got me pissed:mad:
I agree NailGuy, but I don't think we are dealing with pro products being sold in consumer outlets. Since the US is the only country that has legal requirements to becoming a nail tech, chances are this personhas gone to a wholeseller (i.e. Sallys) and legally bought some pro products.
As there are no legal restrictions on who international distributors sell to, some do indeed sell to people who dont have a clue how to use the products safely!
Thankfully... its at least not the norm ;)
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