What is you favourite haircut right now and what tricks do you use to get results?


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Jun 4, 2015
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Mine is the Lob, all praise the lob. When I'm creating a style that is longer in the front, I am always at the back of my clients head and pull all the front sections back to me, rather than standing at the side. This way my posture remains more consistent on both side of the haircut which reduces the amount if refining I have to do at the end [emoji106]
Lobs can be tricky cause you still want them to have to swing and sway so choosing the right length is everything.
I also think its important to not "over layer" this cut or it can start to look like two different haircuts.
Completely agree with the over layer thing i hate layered bobs. (Probably because i have just grown out a really dodgy one)
chris do you do any undercutting or reducing bulk so it doesn't get too bell shaped at from the occipital? If so how do you like to?
I've never created any visible undercut, but I do sometimes cut the perimeter by over directing to create shorter lengths underneath, does that make sense? I've also learnt that cutting each section slightly longer than the previous when doing the perimeter helps the shape to "tuck under". Both techniques give a similar effect, the shorter hair underneath prop up the longer ones on top.
I experimented with something last week. I cut the perimeter by taking one inch sections, combing down and cutting the length, I then lifted each section up to 90 (thereabouts) and layered it. Then repeated on the next section so each section was softly layered at the ends.
here is a photo but I curled the hair after so you can't see the end to well
makes sense for sure.
great result. thanks for sharing

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