What nationality are you?


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Elaine Armani

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Jul 24, 2013
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Melbourne, Australia
Hiya geeks!
So I've basically posted this thread because I thought it would be awesome if we all got to know each other and share our nationalities/backgrounds together :)
So I go first!
I'm an Aussie, born and live in Australia!
My background is such a mix!
So, my mums side is very complicated, my grandfather was Armenian originally but moved and lived in Lebanon, my mums last name is "Armani". He moved there when he was about 15 and adapted to the country and etc. My grandmother from my mums side is Greek, my Grandmothers mum was living in Greece & met her husband there and then they ended up running away from the wars to Turkey & then after that moved to Syria to live a better life and they learnt the language and lived there!

My dads side is originally Italian and then moved to live in a small village in Syria, explains my last name being "Manja"
So basically I'm a mix of European, Syrian. People get shocked when I tell them I'm mixed Syrian because I naturally have dirty blonde hair (currently platinum blonde) and very fair skin!

Would love to hear about your backgrounds & nationalities :D
Lots of love! Xxxx
Elaine- From your profile pic I thought you were Armenian actually!

I'm born in the uk but am Jamaican origin. My grandparents came here in the 60s to get work etc. Most ppl think I'm from another West Indian country or that I'm mixed race though as I've got light hazel/green eyes! Hence my SG name :)

Oh and I will add I've ended up with those eyes cos on both sides of my family are from a place in Jamaica called St. Elizabeth which is where a lot of Scottish slave owners went. So a lot of the people there are Scottish descendants - they are black but freckly with ginger hair and green/blue eyes! I have a few freckles and both me and my kids have ginger and blond hairs mixed in with brown!
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Oh I'm very boring in comparison. Born and raised in the south of England. My dad's family is English (Yorkshire originally but now located in Stafford). My mum's side is originally from Scotland but only one of my aunties still lives there.
Just plain old English darhhhling....

ALL my family are from London, mothers East End (Plaistow) and fathers side from Holloway... I was born in Essex, moved down south when I was 4 and have been down south ever since!
100% welsh! I live in Manchester and I always wind my husband up saying our little girl is half welsh, he disagrees and says she's 100% mancunian because she was born here! I think going back I have some Irish blood but all my grandparents were welsh too. I'm gutted that I don't know the language though, I think it should be taught at a young age
I'm 100% Irish! Travelled around England a bit though - lived in London (south croydon!) when I was 20 for about a year, my friends mam owned a pub there, worked in it, drank in it & lived up over it!! Moved back home to Dublin then after a few years met my now fiancé - and with his 'work' travelled around a bit - first to Cardiff, then to Dundee, then to Glasgow then Middlesbrough & back to Dundee/Perth where I refuse to move from again!! No exciting stories of parents/grandparents backgrounds, except my grandad use to be the wolfetones (Irish band) round for their gigs 😊😊 x slán
Although born and bred in scotland. I am BRITISH!!! And will hopefully be staying that way :rolleyes:
Born in gravesend, kent, lived in dartford, moved to Eastbourne at 7 and been here ever since :) mums side Is mainly English with some American, and waaaaaay back Norwegian!
Dad's side is mainly English with a bit of Irish and welsh :) xxx
I'm English although people think I'm foreign because of my name.
I was born and raised in Australia so im an Aussie but my parents and 4 brothers were all born in Holland but emigrated to Australia. They have dual nationality. I live in England, married to an Englishman and my kids were born here so they're English too.

Elaine, you look Armenian to me too! :biggrin:
I'm English with a Nigerian/Irish twist!
Which results in me having really I love skin with freckles! People find it hard to work me out haha x
Born and raised in Canada. But my mom's dad is Irish, her mom is Native, my dad's mom is Irish & his dad is German.
So I'm technically half Irish 1/4 Native & 1/4 German. A mutt lol

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Born & Raised in Scotland. :/ although people sometimes think I'm foreign because of my name too :/

My children are half Portuguese and my partner is Portuguese :)
British/English. Not sure I'm proud to be though..:eek: lol
Born in Lancashire, and English parents. With relatives who are Irish and Welsh. :Love:
I'm English with a Nigerian/Irish twist!
Which results in me having really I love skin with freckles! People find it hard to work me out haha x

Olive skin! Not I love skin haha! Hate auto correct!
When someone asks me this question, sometimes it takes more than 5 minutes to explain so I'll try keep it short. ;)

I was born in Taiwan and left for South Africa when I was 5. Finished high school there and moved again to Australia where the rest of my family currently are. Now I live in London with my bf. Essentially I have 3 nationalities as I own passports in all three countries. Quite useful when traveling :D
Irish and welsh, o dear lol x


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