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Oct 17, 2011
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North Wales
Hi Ladies, I am booked on to do a spray tan course on the 21st October. Really looking forward to it! But I am undecided what kit to go for. I haven't got loads of money to start it off but I've got around £200 mark. I'm looking at the suntana kit. - which comes with the maxi mist gun. I'm open to all suggestions :) thanks in advance xxx
Vita Liberata!!
Thanks for your fast reply ill look into that now. X
Oztan is Australian...It has a gravity fed cup on top and the droplets go onto the body very finely so the tan comes out amazingly even and the wear off is longer and not that crocodile looking. They also do a 1 hr as well as 3 colours in 2 hrs. The staff are very friendly and helpful...great CS.
Australian brand but they might have someone in the UK who stock them...worth an email I guess.
Look on OMG website. I got mine for just under £100 :D
Hi i have just started out tanning and i went with fresh indulgence. I bought their kit through amazon as it was a better deal than on their site. i got tent, ts20, 7 bottles of solution, sticky feet and caps for a really good price. My clients have all loved the colour, smell, fade off etc!

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