What technique do I clean my makeup brush?


Hi guys,

I've got a couple of foundation brushes that need a clean - I've seen a thread saying what I can use to do it but what technique do I use? Soak it in some water or squeeze the bristles around to get the foundation out or what? I've not got a spray on brush cleaner so at the mo I'm going to be using soapy water...

I want to do them tonight so any help would be great.


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Spray-on brush cleaner is for use while you're on the job, in between faces, so you are not waiting for brushes to dry. Ideally you will have 2 or more sets of brushes so you're not spending all your time cleaning.

Brushes can be washed thoroughly in warm soapy water, all MUAs I know use baby shampoo, I use Aveda's Shampure. Do not soak your brushes for a long period of time as this will encourage shedding. Foundation brushes with their closely knit bristles will need extra attention as product will collect at the base of the brush.



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I use an antibacterial soap to wash my brushes and then let then air dry.



I was wondering about using a foundation brush...are they good? Is it as easy to use as a sponge? Never tried one .....Samx


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I also use warm soapy water and as Amy says foundation brushes need extra attention.

I do use my Mac foundation brush more than sponge, I prefer it. I think it is all about personal preference, but I do think that a brush gives a better finish.


I was taught at collage (about 5 years ago) to put surgical spirit on a tissue and wipe the brushes around on that.
Surgical spirit its good for anti-bac, and it doesnt make the brushes wet.


Thanks for all your replies guys, I've not done them yet cos I'm a bit scared of ruining them!

Ooh, and Ellasmum, they are far better than a sponge, you don't need to use half as much foundation and they give a far better finish.