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Aug 24, 2007
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I trained as a nail tech about 8 years ago & rented a room within a hair salon. It was going really well but I wasn't very commited at the time as I was pretty young and had other priorities (wrong ones at that!!) I only did it for a couple of years & have since worked in offices. At present I work for my dad/brothers business and basically run everything u can think of in the office..I find it really stressful and am pretty unhappy with it all which causes alot of arguments with my brother :cry:. My partner has suggested I go back to doing nails but I don't know if I feel confident enough cause it's been a long time since I did it so things might have changed. Going mobile would probably be best for me as I'm hoping to start a family in the near future so it would be more flexible and I could maybe work from home. I also don't want to upset my dad & bro by leaving as they have no one else... can any one offer any advice please? Sorry I know this isn't an agony page but reading all these messages makes me even more determined to get back into the industry...oh my, this has turned into an essay :eek: - sorry!! xx
why don't you contact some of the distributors for the well know brands like Creative, NSI & Ezflow to name but a few! and have a chat with them about what training you might need. get yourself booked on to something and see how you like it and what feels good, you can do this without having to give up the office job just so you can see if it lights your fire!

If it does then go for it, you can still work in the office for the time being while you build up clients and give you dad and brother plenty of notice about whats happening!
I'd look in to training as Jackie said, as 8 years is a long time. Expect things to take a while but if it's what you really want then go for it. This will also give your dad and brother time to find someone else.

Your partner sounds very supportive which is great! If you have something to aim for it may make your current job more bearable. And don't forget; it's your life and I'm sure your dad and brother would want you to be happy.

Once you get your training up to date, then mobile could be a good way to go. All the best in whatever you decide and keep us updated.:hug:
I do mobile its not full time though, it would take a long time to build it up full time, you could do a refresher course or practice on people? I have 2 kids and it works well for me

good luck xxx
I work in an office too. I did my training in 2004 & 5 but never started the mobile business. I'm now sorely regretting the office route, and I am doing some training with EzFlow on the 10th. I'm planning on doing what has been mentioned - ie starting mobile while still working in the office, and gradually dropping hours at the office until I can finish and do the beauty/nails full time.

I think this might be a good way for you, as you could tell your dad/brother that you have realised that the nails thing is what you really want to do with your life, but as you don't want to drop them in it, you'll gradually lower your hours with them, and will train someone knew to save them the hassle when the time comes.

Good luck hun:hug:

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