What Type of nail art do you guys do?


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How do you get artsy fartsy?

  • I dont... I think nail art sucks

    Votes: 4 5.2%
  • I mostly do stuff with coloured powders

    Votes: 6 7.8%
  • I mostly do stuff with hand painting

    Votes: 53 68.8%
  • I mostly do stuff with airbrushing

    Votes: 10 13.0%
  • I mostly do stuff with stickers,enamels and things

    Votes: 4 5.2%

  • Total voters
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The Geek

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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
I'm curious to find out the main methods you guys prefer to do nail art...
I used to hand paint stuff with paints, but now the little I do is with Mosaic powders, Clear tips, and differing stuff with enamels.
I'm the same as you, Sam. I used to do ALOT of handpainted art. I just drifted away from it because I got so busy busting out p&w sets and backfills all day long. Then I just really lost the desire to do it completely. It's kind of a shame because I actually was pretty darn good at it. But then the colored acrylics came out and I kinda got interested in those and now dabble in them a bit.

Now what I REALLY love to do is glitter french acrylics. That seems to satisfy my creative bug for now :p
I prefer airbrushing. I mostly do french designs and abstracts rather than scenes.

:rolleyes: I mostly do nail art with hand painting on rhinestones, although I did buy an airbrush for the temp tatoos. I am still perfecting my skills with the airbrush, hope it will save me some time..........Sherry

I do handpainted nail art using acrylic craft paint. I love to paint flowers...it is my most favorite thing to paint. I really think that my nail art is why I have as many clients as I do. They can get their nails done anywhere...but ya can't get a hibiscus just anywhere.
I have played with colored acrylics...I actually have a blue 5 petal flower with three leaves on my ring fingernail right now that I did with CND mosiac colors. But it just does not move me like hand painting does.
<img src="http://www.lavazone2.com/welovett/nails/pictures/mytoes2.jpg" border=2 alt="plumerias on toes">
I think your nail art is some of the nicest I've EVER seen :D . I also think when you have a talent like yours, it must rub off on your clients and make them want to try things like that. Plus you are in Hawaii where it looks so pretty. It's so drab and dreary here :( that we paint our nails black all the time! :twisted: (just kidding)..

I generally have my nails Forever French :? but I do like to have fun stuff on my toes - maybe if we ever come to Hawaii (I wish) :D you can do something cool for me 8) . Bye for now
I have only one or two clients that do not let me put some kind of nail art on them. People you would never think finally get hooked. I usually start them out with a tiny little flower on the ring finger...just so they can get used to it and don't feel too 'da kine' (Hawaiian phrase roughly translated....'you know what/who/where I am talking about') and before long I have ladies getting all 10 fingers done for special occasions or every time they come in. But everyone gets something on their toes. No one walks out with out some kind of design on their toes..that is my calling card. 8)
Christie's Nails said:
No one walks out with out some kind of design on their toes..that is my calling card. 8)

:D Always cool to have a 'calling card' - you're probably famous all over the islands! - and now across the pond too :D
My "online presence" is bigger than I really am. I live and work in a fairly remote area on the Big Island of Hawaii. So while many people in town know me...there is only a pop. of 3000.. ;)
Mrs Geek said:
we paint our nails black all the time! :twisted: (just kidding)..

LOL!!! :D :D :D

im always painting something new on my nails. I use nail varnish and acrylic paints, and an artists fineline brush. I paint loadsa designs from animal prints to abstract to flowers to landscapes!!! So many people are amazed that I can paint the same quality with both of my hands! Im right handed but I can paint my nails perfectly with my left hand...but cant write with it!! weiiiiirdness!

Im really diggin' abstract nail art at the mo. :D
I was really into the coloured acrylic art and I own nearly *all* the EzFlow coloured collections BUT it is so time consuming... I do intricate designs on my own nails, but I usually put a 3D flower or butterfly on a client's ring fingers and charge an extra $5.

I find it quicker & more profitable to charge extra for the glitter french, a glitter/coloured fade OR my striper brush & the TMF colours have been getting a work out lately - especially with New Year's nail art!

I do use decals etc when I'm feeling creatively challenged, or to add to a handpainted design.
i have only been doing nail art for about 3 months but must admit i like paints, although i have bought the clear tips now and am hooked on using them using twinkle, twilight and tinsel powders.
Laystar/KOOKY nails:
I looooove that finger nail ring you have on your website somewhere. Where do you get them?
Oh and I find it hard to come up with designs of my own so I got to all your websites and steal ideas from you :twisted: :twisted:
But that's ok because I only do my own (I'm not a pro) and they never come out quite like they were supposed to anyway so you'd never know :D

I got my nail ring from Avon but I dont know if they still do it :? They had it ages ago, then they stopped selling it, then just before christmas, they had it again. You'll have to keep an eye out ;)

I like to pretend I can handpaint and I also play with the mosaics. One day I intend to be a really good nail artist and I try to learn things all the time to improve upon.
Im just doing the simple designs right now. I am looking into getting an airbrush but the more i think about it i just dunno LOL..i really like playing around with Stripe Rite. Very easy and noticeable LOL
Well, I'm into nail art generally! I know, I'm not really being objective here.

I love freehand art (especially Chrisites!!) Girl, you got it going on :thumbsup: but when I've seen her's I know that mine will never look that good so I prefer airbrushing :rofl:

The majority of nail art that I do is airbrushing as my clients like the versatility that I can give them with an airbrush but I do a lot of 'flick' designs as well (done with striping brushes).
hand paint my designs but I'm not Christie!!!! :) I found a really cute airbrush system today at the beauty supply store and I just may treat myself to it!

hand paint my designs but I'm not Christie!!!! :) I found a really cute airbrush system today at the beauty supply store and I just may treat myself to it!

Well I'm a wanna be nail artist. Right now I use decals and rhinestones. I did put a design on my toes the other day and my 5 yr old actually could tell what it was. That really helped my ego. :rofl: I hope to purchase an air brush system soon. Just not sure what kind.

Not many (if any) nail techs in my area do any nail art. So I'm at least half way there.
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