What were you in a previous life?


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what was/is your job before becoming a nail geek?

  • In Insurance?

    Votes: 16 3.4%
  • The Management?

    Votes: 79 17.0%
  • ln the office?

    Votes: 240 51.6%
  • Housewife?

    Votes: 119 25.6%
  • Funeral Director?

    Votes: 11 2.4%

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my earliest memory of what i wanted to do is......
age 11, i gave a make-up demo to my class & announced to them that i was going to b a make-up artist for the bbc 8) ...
my experiments with my hairstyles (incl. skinhead, mohichan, & pink spikes :shock: ) led me to college to do hair & beauty for 3 yrs at thanet.
during my last yr i was working behind the bar at the local snooker club, which was frequented by the manager of the local dept. store.
i casually asked him if he'd thought of having a salon in the store, & he said yes!
that was 1987, bodylines was born & within 2 yrs i'd had to move premises twice due to bigwigs (don't ask!).
in 1989, my client & friend christine told me that she wanted me to do her nails, as she didn't want to keep travelling 20 miles to have them done.
me.. i said, i don't do "false nails" :evil: ( 3 yrs of brain washing at beauty college :shock: ).
however, i was going to salon international at wembley( b4 the days of stand alone nail shows),
i agreed that i would visit all the nail companies there & i'd get them to each do 1 nail on me.
i expected them all to b gruesome; some were :shock:
however..... i visited this one stand called creative nail design...
someone called gigi did a nail on me that p....d all over the others! (i wonder why?!)
i signed up with creative & did my training at the london school of manicuring (just b4 the days of designer nails)
gigi continued to be & still is my biggest mentor, who knows, without her nail at "salon", i might never have been bitten by the bug that is NAILS :fire: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol liza xx
I spent my teenage years on the back of a horse!! I used to show jump around the UK every weekend. Had an accident at 15, :( broke my jaw, got false teeth, lost my bottle, went to salon to help me with my lipstick as i have scars on my lips, loved the salon, :p went to beauty college for 2 years and opened my own salon at 18! The rest, as they say, is history!
oops i had 2 more babies not 3.
i was in the royal navy from 18 until 23 i was a medic then i had my first baba and left as i would have had to go on a ship for months on end as i was sea going then i had 3 more babies all boys and became a full time mum and doing a bit of tarot reading inbetween but scince the loss of my mum 4 years ago i could not pick up my cards again. i started to treat my self by getting my nails done about 3 years ago by a wonderful girl called paula she told be to have a go and i have been addicted ever scince although it has cost my hubby hundreds bless him now my 5 year old little boy is fasinated 2 hay may be another sam in the making eh.
so thats me
Good to see you back Brenda Lee! You've certainly had some rough times, haven't you :( It looks like you bounce back extremely well. Well done :thumbsup:
Here are the highlihgts of my story: :) I graduated from college with a degree in dance and musical theater.
I decided to go to cosmetology school in case I was ever too fat, too old or too stiff to perform and teach. 8) I ran my performing arts studio at night and weekends, did nails during the day. (this was the 80's-remember MONA?) Well, the terrible stuff we had to work with, ruined my
voicebox, damaged my lungs and I had nodules that needed surgery so I was quite upset with "NAILS!" :x I put all the beauty stuff on the back burner and figured I'd never need it again. Meanwhile, I got my Masters in Theology, Doctorate in Herbology, wholistic health, along with a few other certifications. Had 3 children, married into 1 child. Founded a ministry. I let my license laspe. My D.H. (dear hubby) had a job move to NC. I left my awesome life in cosmopolitan Philadelphia/surrounding suburbs and came to "Podunk." 15 yrs had passed. Starting over from scratch with my businesses, my ministry. :? I re-took the manicuring test, went to school for my teachers and got back involved in the nail industry big time!
It ain't been easy since we moved South. My husband has had 3 major corporations go bankrupt or downsize since we've been here. It's been a real adventurous "faith walk!" We closed down my beautiful nailspa/salon due to financial difficulties and I began to freelance. I'm a survivor! Next trial: basal joint arthritis. So, I took a BIG break. (about 4 months) And I'm back in the saddle. Here is the beautiful part: Since I took the rest for my hands, my P&W sculpts are awesome! :D I am a homeschooling Mom, (always have been) I am a Grandmother. I still work with all the areas that I love. I am re-growing my nail/beauty business and have plans to go back to school one day to reactivate the
other facets of cosmetology so I can be a "one stop shop"for my clients.
All the many facets of my life keep me going. The nails, the ballet lessons, the drama workshops, herbs, minstry, etc. I have an incredibly high energy level and love being the fertile spirit that the creator made me to be. My only major weak point would be the fact that I am not the best housekeeper in the world! :D I am so grateful to be alive and share my life with a loveable tribe (my children) and my huggable, TeddyBear. (husband)

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Apr 5, 2003
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Hi all :D

Just to satisfy my curiosity :?:

What was/is your job before becoming a nail geek?

I am currently a fork-lift driver 8)

Just like Leighton Denny used to be!

Just can't get the hang of 'sculpts' & driving at the same time :?

Though i have no trouble 'rebalancing' as i drive a 'counter-balance' truck! :D

Thanks for your input!
I worked for the Post Office as a computer tech for 10 years, in April this year I had a major op and whilst lying on the hossy bed thinking 'this is it my time is up' I decided to get going with what I REALLY wanted to do... nails of course! Jx
I worked in an office for about 12 years - started as office dogsbody then worked all the way up to PA to MD then side stepped in to H&S department. Eventually trained as a Nursery Nurse and luckily was successful in conceiving my beautiful twin girls - now almost 7 (ouch).

When they were about 3, I was looking for something to do when they started school and I discovered nails - the rest as they say is history LOL.

I wish I had done it years ago - although I have two nail techs now in training for my empire LOL
I worked as a management consultant/trainer. I used to spend loads of time away from home running training course all over Europe and the UK.

Last year I dicided I had enough of the rat race. I'd always liked doing nails for friends and family. So I handed in my notice, gave back the company car :( did my nail technician training and set up my own small salon.

I absolutely love it, no stress, no hassle, I should have done it years ago.

I did high quality advertising and provide a high quality product and service. Word of mouth locally spread very quickly. I have not yet completed my first year trading, but I have a very full appointment book (on average, new customers have to wait 3 weeks for an appointment).

I recently bought my first car against the business. A really girly purple jeep with my logo and sign writing! Excellent, and much more me than the boring company cars I used to drive.

I think my previous life has enabled me to talk to any one on any level and quickly establish rapport. My clients range from solicitors to cleaners and I love talking to all of them and providing a personal one to one service.

Has nobody ever told you! DON'T DO NAILS AND DRIVE! It's dangerous never mind hard! LoL :D

So here's my history;

1) I was Chief Entertainer in Mallorca for 2 years. (Fantastic job, but learnt never to work as your boyfriends boss! Especially if he is a lying drunken cheat! :evil: LOL :D ) This is where I learnt that there is no place like home, and I wouldn't swap my Yorkshire for the world! :D

2) I worked as a Nursery Nurse in a Childrens Nursery near me. (A fantastic job with a terrible pay!)

3) I worked in a call centre whilst I did my course and got my feet off the ground.

4) I am currently working as a self employed Nail Tech within a tanning salon. And soon will be getting my own Salon.

So that's me! :D
Well before nails there was, ................... raising children, then going to college and sitting my RSA in business studies and an AAT in accounts, then went on to work for a food company as an international buyer........... god did I hate it there, boring people, boring job.............

So after years of being a nail biter, thought I would have my nails done..... This is how I got in this fab bizz of ours.................
It made such a huge difference in my life , that I thought this was the job I wanted, I want to make a difference........................

Over a decade down the line, I love my job, love the challenges and love the fact that I make someones day, with just a little pampering and plastic and some cool paint lol............................
Well blue Peter didn't want me but the nail world did..........HA Blue Peter missed out big time there lol..........................

love Ruth xxxxxxx
beautifulnails03 said:
Has nobody ever told you! DON'T DO NAILS AND DRIVE!

Actually one of my customers told me that she nearly crashed after I had put the first set of nails on her. Apparently she was admiring her nails on the steering wheel while driving!!!!!!!

Who says us women drivers are easily distracted :D
Well to start with l wanted to go to college to be a beauty specialist but my Dad said no had to go to work (should of talked to my Mum).

Trained as a stock clerk - boring, then as a VDU operator then had my first Baby at 19 partner did the dirty so bought my Jade up on my own same time trained as a dressmaker did that for a few years but people assumed taylor made clothes would be cheap ha ha - this was when l stopped chewing my nails as the lady in my successful sewing book had gorgeous nails while using her sewing machine and l wanted mine like that - bit my toe nails instead - when l had a bath l might add - and l don't do it now. lol

Then l started to make craft items unusual painted lighters, glass, candles etc party plan - ok at certain times of the year.

while making ends meat did cleaning, ironing, 18 hour days at a burger van - that nearly killed me.

Had a bad emotional time with personal things and decided about the beauty thing again couldn't afford the courses and l wanted to make peoples nails look beautiful like l did my own. Tried to get help for the nail courses - ha ha no help so paid for it myself essential nails acrylic tip and overlay which l passed 93% then wanted to do further training half way through had my second baby Ethan on Christmas day 2001 (who does not like to sleep) partner thought with another Baby l won't do nails - yeah right - on my own again - Became an Avon lady to help me pay for my studies and NVQ and IHBC exams - was told on the 11th August l was QUALIFIED yipppeeeee been doing nails ever since and find it all fascinating, brill, magnificent - only job and being MUM l don't find boring. long one again!!! sorry peeps

Thank you my darlings Jade 14 yrs and Ethan 22 months for being MINE and patient with me. Love you both so much xxxxxxx
I am a licensed insurance agent and was at my former insurance company employer when I decided to get into nails. I only do nails part time and recenly started working at another insurance agency part time.
Busy Busy Busy! :ack:
What haven't I done? LOL!!

I was an accounting Major, so I did that for awhile!

I was a cemetery memorial designer, Yes I designed tomb stones!

I was a bill collector and Repo Woman for a credit union!

Became a Loan Officer in the same credit union, said ya, you get it or no way!

Became the Marketing Director of the same credit union!

I quit all those when I became a very successful Rubber Stamping Demonstrator, which enabled me to quit those jobs and go to school for nails!!!!
from 14-18yrs (throughout school :study: ) I waitressed in an American restaurant called the Damn Yankee - it's still there and we take our kids now (Haydn insists on telling our waiter/waitress that I used to do their job :rolleyes: ). during that time I also worked Saturdays at a trendy clothing shop where I never made money coz I always owed it on clothes :? Did A'levels and moved to the US of A where I lived in Sarasota Fl for 4 years (my grandparents live there) - got a job working at a Tennis Resort out on Longboat Key. I started off on the Front Desk, worked Reservations, Auditing on a night and also Concierge work! I even valet parked cars :tongue: !! Left US and moved to Spain (Puerto Banus) for a year where I helped set up an Italian restaurant (that didn't work out :twisted: ) and ended up working on a huge boat in the Port; found out I was working for the Vice President of Syria :shock: , went to France to meet him and his errr extended family :rolleyes: ...did NOT like the situation so ended up back at Leeds/Bradford Airport in 1991 (my mum helped me get home but believe me when I say it's a long story!!! :shock: ). Started helping Geeg as receptionist at the original Designer Nails Salon - then started cold-calling to entice people to learn (dare I say) good ol' Turbo (CND old L&P system), did a course, had Haydn, got married and moved to Nottingham. :idea: Worked from home selling CND Foundation Courses for Leeds, London, Salisbury, MK, Maidenhead and Surrey! Divorced, moved home and started working full time at the old Unit C Burley Hill Trading Estate address. Opened up the Education department and have progessed really from there!! ;)
In 1998 I met Samuel Sweet and mine and Haydn's life changed forever.
I am now PR Director but also oversee the Academy Sales Dept too. There is not ONE thing I would change about my past even though some of it was a little dodgy (especially the Syrian bit) but my husband says that these experiences are what make us who we are so I'm OK with that!!! :p

I have always worked in an office :rolleyes: but decided I was getting bored and applied to do a beauticians course at Bretlands in Tunbridge Wells, kent - a week before I was due to start they could not get enough students :( so with the money I bought a new car, convertable! 8)

The car started to look old, so I decided that as I had always looked after my own nails and loved painting them, decide to take my NVQ in Acrylic, Fibreglass.

I was a client exectutive for a Factoring and Finance company and most of the women there wanted their nails done and by this time I was out on the road doing nails part time - this did interfere with my office work :D and I was politely asked if I was in the right job! :oops:

I thought about it (not for long!) and told my boss he was right - I was not in the right job and told them I was leaving to do nails and then decided I would have the best of both worlds and do my nails in Portugal 8)

I have been out here for 4 months and loving it!!!!

Lynn 8)
I worked and still work for my other half. He's a psychiatrist and has a busy private practice and I am his secretary in that. Now that's ok if it's my only mission in life BUT :D hold on a minute....... I decided to mess about with some nail art. Looked around on the internet and found air-brushing......... WOW I just HAD to do it. Went in there like a ten ton truck and got all the equipment and of-course, one thing led to another and I ended up persuading the already neglected man that I should open a salon at home. I did a home learn course in nail enhancements and am now in the middle of a Creative Foundation Course and am loving every minute!! Trouble is, I want to retire from the secretarial job and I keep trying to get him to sack me but he won't. Whilst its nice to feel needed it's a pain in the butt!!!! Sometimes I'm so busy that I nearly offer a patient a manicure!!!! [It would probably get them over their depression anyway and be a lot cheaper] mmmmm I'll work on that one.
Anyway, interesting topic to see how we all got here. Cheers

Spent 6 years in banking after leaving school, followed by another 6 years in accountancy (both sooo boring!). Left work to have kids (now 13, 11 & 9). Got divorced and did cleaning and ironing to fit around nursery/school hours.

Met Rich and got re-married 5 years ago. Joined his building firm as bookkeeper but became a partner 3 years ago. Since then have increased the turnover by more than 50% and had a baby. Now that my "baby" has started nursery I needed a new challenge so when Rich commented on how I loved getting my nails done and "couldn't you do something like that" I jumped at the chance. Re-trained at the beginning of the year and now I am doing what I love most in life - NAILS.

Rich is not quite so keen now as I seem to be taking over the house coz as I am a mobile tech everything has to be stored somewhere! And when my nails mags drop through the letter box he physically groans. Haven't even showed him what I got at Excel :oops: But I do have a budding nail tech in the making coz my 3 year old son just loves anything nails and has great fun playing with Handy Andy my nail trainer.


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