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Jan 2, 2006
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Hi geeks!!


Last April I set up a local nail bar and beauty salon with my friend. We decided to work on a 50/50 basis, regarding payment and buying products. Last saturday i booked the day off work for my birthday on the monday. On the Friday night I had a client phone my mobile who also happens to be a friend. Apparently my so called partner had phoned her and asked her to pohone me and cancell her appointment. BUT still go to the salon and have her infills so she didnt have to split the money!!

As you can imagine I was absolutely livid!! And unfortunatley I have lost all trust in her. Whenever she tells me that a client changed their service for example from a full manicure to a shape and paint I find myslef doubting her. I feel like i'm being robbed and I don't think I can work with her any more.

So i'm just wondering what you would do in my position. Since opening I have realised how different we are as technicians. I'm constantly looking to improve, and develop my skills and techniques but she has the "i'm the best technician in the world" attitude which drives me crazy!! Because she's certainly no where near Gigi's/Nail Zoo's Level and there amazing. I've just hit a dead end and I dont know where to go next. Sorry for ranting on. I just hope you can give me some advice. :cry:​
Have you talked to your partner about this?

I understand you feeling angry and I would feel the same but unless you have it out with your partner things are not going to improve. It may mean you going it on your own but at the minute you have no choice.

good luck - and let us know how it goes.

x x x
HI, Thank you for your support. No i havent mensioned it yet because I've been in 2 minds what to do. Even if I spoke to her about it i dont think I can fully trust her again. Im actually considering going back into a full time technicians job after xmas.
At the end of the day, you're both working towards the same goal - to make money and have the business succeed. 50/50 seems a fair way. But as long as you're both putting in 50/50.

If it was me, I'd have in place something like a set of rules. For example 'bookings should be made by both or you', or 'cancellations should be made by both technicians'. both of you sign it.

If she doesn't agree, then you've got two options, agree on another split or find another partner who is willing to agree to the above terms. Otherwise you're putting in more work for nothing.

Hi hun.

I would be livid as well, but you need to speak to your partner and let her know this.
The client has shown no loyalty towards you either. Ask your partner how she would feel if you did the same to her.
If you dont trust her,then my advice is start afresh in the new year, and leave her to it.
You could set up somewhere else or go mobile (less overheads).

You dont have to take this crap, after all you are equal partners.

You really have 2 choices - either tell her how you feel and sort it out amicably or let her get on with it and you look after number one.

Sounds to me hun that the trust has gone , so if it were me I would be outa there and start afresh .

Also is this a one off, or has she done it before? If its a one off- speak to her about it , and see if it can be resolved, or if its not a one-off - take my advice and start afresh .

Hope it all works out for you. Let us know how things go.

Elaine xx:hug::hug:
i think you have had all the advice anyone could give you here hun...although i do think you should talk to your partner about how you feel...and be honest with her ....i just hope it works out for you ....let us know how it goes xx

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