What's the best skincare for oily/combination/VERY breakout prone skin?

Hope you knowledgable geeks will be able to steer me in the right direction! :hug:

My skin has gone completely bonkers over the last few months. I've always had combination skin however over the last few months my forehead (well, the whole of my t zone, but particularly noticeable on my forehead!) seems like an oil slick!!!! Worse still I've got a forehead full of spots! It's driving me completely mad!!! :cry:

Don't know what to do about it really. I've been using T Zone products to try to reduce the oiliness but it's quite obviously not working!!!

It is possible that it's being caused by medication that I'm on - I'm on so many different s0dding pills I rattle! :irked:

Anyhoo... can anyone recommend a good professional line to try?

Thanks geeks!

Lynne Baker

Lynne The Skin!
OK, how old are you?
I can thoroughly personally recommend SwissDermyl. For a treatment facial I would prescribe an enzyme peel followed by an Iris ampoule and some balancing serum, and then a Bio mask. I would finish with a Bio Active cream,and suggest that you use the Biogel cleanser at home with the balancing serum. If your budget allows I would also suggest the bio active cream and the enzyme peel, to be used once a week.
The key to decent skin care is regularity, and not being too harsh with it. Just because it's oily doesn't mean you should use something that strips off the sebum. Your skin's protective layer (the acid mantle) is made up of sweat and sebum, so you do need some!
If you strip off all the sebum your sebaceous glands become convinced they need to produce even more!
I've seen some very impressive results using SwissDermyl - pm me if you want more details.

I'm 30!!!! I thought I would have got rid of my spotty greasy skin when I hit my twenties... but I'm still suffering from it. :irked:

Oooh Calla all of those sound absolutely GORGEOUS! I'll pm you for more info! :green: