where did you all train? and what courses did you do?


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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
meep meep!

Jus wondering, where did everyone here train? and what courses did you take??

Im *hopefully* going to creative nail, where I'll be doing the 4 day course. Then I'll just do additional courses, plus the master class. Im also hoping to do a reflexology course at my local institute college.

what bout you?

xx layla xx
i originally trained with star nails and although i was pleased with there product i felt that there was no commitment from them when i had finished my course. I then found out that i could do a creative conversion course and i have not looked back since their products leave all the other ones i have tried collecting dust at the back of a cupboard, anything i need help with CND are on the other end of the phone or in this case here on the message board.

All i can say is you will find out which one suits you the best i am a complete CND fan and could not work without them or their products.

:D :D :D
... what an enthusiatic reply. :) I am so pleased you are happy with the products and our services. We have an expression and it has applied to me since 1989 - "I am so Creative, if you cut me - I bleed 'c's". :D

CND continue to push the boundaries within our 'ever-so-changing' nail industry and there are more exciting things that will happen towards the middle of this year!!! watch this space ;)
i can't wait now for these new things please don't tease like that just let me know have i got to start saving now !!!!


:D :D

Thas cool! I havent even done a course and im already in love with CND ;)
...I would love to tell you more but am sworn to secrecy (literally) by contract. All will be revealed (hopefully) at ExCeL in September :D If I can say more sooner, so be it (exciting huh) ;)
now hows a girl suppose to get any sleep when she is told something like that ......... lol

:D :D :D
I trained in the U.S. of course. I live in Hawaii and in this state it is required to have 350 hours of training in a beauty college. This takes about 4 months and is in general nail technology, not product specific.
Then when you have completed that you must take a state test. Then!!! you get your license to do nails, this must be renewed every two years.
Since then I have taken classes with CND and lil' seminars with people like Vickie Peters. I am looking forward to a class next month on a different island (Oahu). Can't wait for that!
,,,, to even visit Hawaii would be a dream..... :rolleyes:
hahaahhaah!! Samantha - u obv dislike leeds ;) Essex...is...a pleasant place....*laughs* oh dear please hurry up July ---> ITALY!!!!!!!!! :D
I went right out of High School into Nail School at my local college in 1984. I was like a sponge & absorbed everything I could about a good variety of products & brands. At that time, I decided I liked acrylic over gels & fiberglass. My area didn't have alot of education avavilable, so I usually attended shows & classes. During these years, I attended classes by Creative & Tammy Taylor and lots of nail art stuff. I soon became an EDUCATOR for Tammy Taylor. During my years as an Educator while I was attending larger shows, I was introduced to new companies like Infinity/ProFinish & EZFlow. I thought EZFLOW was also a good product, but I was still pretty sold on TT as I was still an Educator for them. Years later, I decided to get married and have babies so I gave up being a traveling Educator. I have returned back to the business & still use TT for 98% of my customers. I also use Creative & Premium acrylic. I now want more Education since there is so many new & improved products!
I went to Chris Logan Beauty College and as i was enrolled there she filed bankruptcy and Dudley's Beauty took over as i was about to graduate. I was trained with Ezflow products. I dont remember nuch from school all because we were not taught well at all. Didnt get much training nor practice before i was finished. Just enough to pass state board. Then when i went into the biz i was a total lost not knowing what in the world to do. My work was terrible compared to others. I have been online for almost 4 yrs just studying and takeing in everything i can and my work is sooo much better. My nails finally stay on people!! LOL I have never been to a continueing ed class. But im looking forward to going to a few soon. Gotta get my license reinstated first. Im just now getting into nail art and they arent the best but i get alot of compliments on the art and the nails. So im looking forward to being back in biz by the end of march!! wooohooo :D
I went to my local college and did an 8 month VTCT course on manicures and advanced nail techniques. It was a very hard course with lots of theory and assessments, no products etc were supplied so we basically had to go out and find them ourselves.I felt that the tutors were very good but when I encountered problems they couldn't give me the answers.

Luckily my best friend was a Nail Tech using CND prods that helped me during the course (she lent me her nail trainer so I could practice sculptured acrylics) but I could not buy CND products unless I had been on a course so basically I used NSI which I thought were the best (at that time) and when I finished my course, I went into a salon working part-time, I then did the CND Pre-Masters and have used CND ever since.

I know work full-time in my friends Nail Bar and just think to myself that 18 months ago I never envisaged myself as being a full-time Nail Tech, a job I thoroughly enjoy with great job satisfaction.


I went to a private beauty school in Essex. I travelled there for a 2 day course. 1 day manicure & pedicure, 2nd day, gel nails.

I knew absolutely nothing about nails, except that I wanted to do them. When I left my course I was really looking forward to practising, but as soon as I started, I had loads of questions & really need some help. I called the school & spoke to the trainer who did give me a little advice but it was very dificult over the phone.

As I have joined various nail groups, like this one!, I have realised that the teacher I had, was actually pretty crummy & gave me loads of incorrect info & very little genuine help or guidence. I don't want to say the name of the school here as some may have used them & been happy, but I certainly was not!!

I can only advise you this;

1 Pick a reputable company that is reliable & knowledgeable
2 Try & pick somewhere relatively local so that you can actually visit them to SHOW them the problems you may have.
3 Pick one that will actually mean something when you qualify.
4 Try & pick & on going course so that you can build your confidence with someone there to guide you.

I sorely wish I had trained with Creative. Although to my own defense, I must say that I did try to contact my local CND trainer & one in a nearby town, but neither of them returned my emails or calls.
I would love to do a Creative course now, but I haven't seen any profit from my 1st course & products I had to buy so I can't justify to my husband spending out more money. Oh well, in the future maybe...

Good Luck with which ever you choose,


PS if you want me to tell you the name of the school soyou can avoid it, send me a private message.
I'm a long in the tooth wanna be :huh: and I wish I had found this site and others before I decided on a home course. At the time I thought it would be best for me since I need to hold down a regular job whilst training and since I've paid my money I will struggle with the home learn :pale: Hopefuly I will pass but then it's onto some other courses with companies - no decisions made yet though :flower: (Home course is a gel course with Essential Nails) :silly:
Never regret any training - I am sure at the end of the course you will know more than you did before doing it - you just think not at the moment.

If you are having problems with the Home Learn then contact them and ask questions - contact Gina Wallace through her site www.ginawallace.com - her site is dedicated almost solely to home learn students.

Dont give up - there are lots of superb technicians out there who started with Home Learn - where would most of us be now without our nail trainers :D
I'm not knocking the home learn course Fiona - and I will have learnt at the end. I only meant that on reflection there is no one on one or interaction between teacher and students which I think I may have benefitted from. I hope to pass this course and maybe will choose another home learn who knows but I feel very isolated at present :?
HowdA All...

Just thought I would share my point of view on the home learning courses.

No education and learning experience can be considered 100% bad. Even taking a really crappy course with really bad teachers will at the bare minimum give you some perspective into what you are doing (and often times a good perspective into what you shouldnt be doing!)

I really do not know very much about the home learn courses so I can't comment on the quality of the information.
I do know John and Gina, and they will have put a lot of effort into getting it as good as they could.

I think that the Home Learn Course is a great introduction into the industry. A great way to be able to see if its something you would be interested in doing professionaly, but I would suggest that if indeed you loved the home learn course... and wanted to continue your foray into the industry... that you then invest in a classroom style course that will give you the one on one time as well as the gorup interaction that is so vital to a learning experience.

So I guess in summary: A home learn course is a great 'get your feet wet' approach with a much smaller investment that can give you a great head start, but not a replacement for a school styled course.

Anyhooo... just my 2 peneth... any other points of view?
thats exactly what Im intending to do - Essential Nails gel home course nxt mnth to get to grips with nails, then off to CND after 6th Form College

Wow this is so interesting! I like Christie I went to a beauty school or should I say Cosmetology School. We were forbiden to say the word beautician or call it a beauty school. Any how, in Illinois we have to attend no less than 350 hours of school. We are taught everything from anatomy, skin & nail disorder & disease, manicuring, pedicuring, gels, fiberglass, acrylics, nail art, etc. I thought it was pretty hard considering we averaged 10-12 test in a weeks time. I didn't study that hard in high school. They used a variety of products but the acrylic system they used was Creative. Since that is what I was taught with and our student kits came with it, I really haven't used anything else. Although at first I liked to use gel (IBD) I haven't had a request for it since I have been opened. I mainly used it on myself. I have to say I don't like or use the fiberglass (backcratchers) products. Again, the school didn't recommend any certain product but I have used the system we were taught with. I would like to go to a show to have an education with the Creative team.

It seems that most of you have had more one on one training by the actual companys than I have ever heard of. Or that could be that I'm so new to the biz that I don't know what's going on.

Well, since I go for my state board test Monday we will see if the schooling has paid off or not. Wish me luck.
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