Which forms do you use for Sculpting


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Jun 11, 2007
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in the night garden

I am just getting back in to nails and prefer to sculpt, lots of practice needed though.

I would just like to get some opinions of the best forms to use when sculpting

Any information would be great

Thank you

i love hte tammy taylor double thick competition forms. they are really firm and excellent glue on them too.
i use creative performance forms they are fab love 'em xxxx
i just use the roll of 500 from sally's.
i should go out and buy the metal reusble ones.

My Nails Rock!
I first started out using creatives forms, but they seem to tricky to me lol (not sure why) so now i just use these gold and black horse shoes forms, i am really crap at scuplting anyway.
I'm Creative trained.. but cant stand the performance form... I use Ezyflow Perfect C's (Square, oval and universal) and Tammy Taylor Competition (double thick) forms and Re-usable Teflon forms.
I use Young nails heavenly forms, sturdy and reliable, even on bitten nails!!
if i was you i would see if you can get some samples of different forms and see which you prefer - every one likes something different and has different techniques!

I use the re-usable ones I think these are much better than the through away ones imo.
I just use the gold ones with black squares. Sorry don't know their name but they work for me. Remember that if you have a difficult nail to fit, then you can always cut the form to custom fit the free edge of the nail.

I have some reusable forms too but hardly ever use them.
I use the young nails heavenly forms or the NSI competition range,

I used to use (& hated) gold rectangular forms :irked:
I currently use Creative's performance forms, but I would like to try out something a bit thicker/sturdier. (maybe i'm a bit heavy brush-handed!)
I currently use the black and gold rectangular ones.
But... I've been thinking on trying different brands of the similar shape.
I DETEST the clear EZ Flow's for gels... they're too rubbery and I can't get a 'fit' with them. dont know why :irked:
Horseshoes make me nuts too.

I've used the reuseables.. they make a nice c-curve, and great for learning when you haven't mastered the trick of fitting the form
BUT the ones I have are fiddly and don't stay in place. Also, I don't like them for 'all' people. If someone has flattish nails, they're just no good. The curve doesn't match and as the natural nails grow out... anyway... I only use them on myself on the rarest of occasions.
I used to use (& hated) gold rectangular forms :irked:
I currently use Creative's performance forms, but I would like to try out something a bit thicker/sturdier. (maybe i'm a bit heavy brush-handed!)

the tammy taylor ones are double thick, also you can buy unbranded ones that are almost as thick as them from salonserve. hth:)
also, for those finding their forms a bit flimsy, are you using the little round bit to reinforce them underneath. for forms that dont have the little round bits, you could use them double maybe.
I use Creative Performance Forms and if needed I re-re-enforce them at the free edge with the 'round bit' that comes out of the middle .. but I do not always need to do this.

My other favourite forms are the re-usable AcraC Forms and the good old Creative Future Forms (I still have 3-4 sets of these) which are not made anymore (sadly) love them..
Having tried many, I now use Ezflow Universal forms.x
I love the EZ Flow universal forms as well as the EZ Flow "C" curve forms too. I have used the Creative forms too and find them relatively easy to use, but the EZ Flow ones are the best for me.

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