Which is best for pre & after wax, oil, gel or lotion?


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Wendy Orange

Nov 21, 2014
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Hi. I'm to go on a waxing course next month and have a small pot of wax, spatulas & strips as I've a few friends that have kindly allowed me to practice on them before I attend the course. I've googled, studied and you tubed the subject totally and have waxed my own brows already. So feel quietly confident about getting in brow practice before the course starts.
My question is, I'm off to Sallys on Monday to buy the pre and after wax but don't know which is the best to use. Oil, lotion or gel !!
Thank you so much in advance !
Hi good luck with your new venture ....are you using hot wax or warm wax?.....

I use a pre waxing spray to cleanse
Jasmine oil if I'm hot waxing
Then an aloe Vera gel after waxing

But it's all down to personal preference the same as your choice of wax will be
HTH's x
Warm wax. To start with. Thank you. I wondered if there was a difference. Thank you

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