Which is your favourite bleach???


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Oct 1, 2010
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north west
Hi Just coming to the end of my supply of bleach, been using Goldwell and it's been fine although it swells a little, but i wondered which bleaches have people found the best?

I only really use it for foil highlights and tend to just use the bleach with no toner and it's always looked pretty good. Is this a bad thing? I'm pretty new to the industry again and keep reading about everyone putting toners over bleach, i know it's done over full head etc but for highlights does it really matter that I don't use one? We did a little bit about toners at college but it a long time ago and have just got back into hairdressing after 13 years!

Was thinking of maybe invsting in just a good quality silver shampoo. Have used Blondor and Goldwell so far, am open to giving other brands a try though, your suggestions welcome, thanks!!
If I get a clean blonde with the foils then I dont tone, I dont think I ever have too, only on full head bleach! Maybe if they want a different 'tone' of blonde.
I love using Matrix V-light bleach, it is beautiful...
And I swear by the Matrix So Silver shampoo... It tones beautifully!
Also Schwarzkopft colour saver, purple shampoo (i think thats what its called) is just as good!
hope this helps :o)
I swear by Schwarzkopf BlondeMe bleach. I LOVE IT! :D
i use schwarzkopf to!
I tried that BlondeMe Schwarzkopf one, but found it more damaging to the hair.
Love Clynol one.
Wella one is alright, but it seems to take longer to lift throught the yellow stage.
Indola one- just got this one-so far so good.

So far my fave is Clynol :) x
i love blonde me by Schwarzkopf too...
fudge bleach 2 is good too ive god rid of my expensive magi meche and use this all the time now and you can use it on the scalp..
We use Paul Mitchell at work, and the bleach is so good.
It lifts so well with just 6% , and you can add the
colour shots to tone at the same time.

Although majority of the time ,
I find I don't really need it as it lifts
up to a really nice pale blonde anyway :)
I'm half way through using my first purchase of the Indola Rapid Blue and absolutely loving the results. Have been using the NXT bleach as came in the 1000 ml bucket but thought id try this as on offer and also havent tried the blue bleach before. I have to say lovely cool blonde shades and great lifts with 20 vol.
Indola one- just got this one-so far so good.
I've been using the Indola bleach recently, and am finding it to lift cleanly, and not to swell too much. It's very reasonably priced as well :)
thanks for all your replies!!! xxx

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