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Jul 12, 2008
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west yorkshire
Hi there

I am new to the site so hopefully i am asking my question in the right place!!!

Please could someone advise me on the best tanning products, i have done a tanning course with St Tropez but as i am a mobile beautician the cost of the product is a little expensive plus they dont really cater for mobile (well they didn't last time i asked) I fancy using Sienna x.

Any advise would be great, oh also on the best low cost gun?

Thank you xx
i have been using tantrick for the last three years but both myself and my clients are loving the organic range from WOW.
Aw thankyou. i will have a look at tantricks. how much do you charge per spray tan? (if you don't mind me asking) xx
nouvatan is good. goes on nice,doesnt leave residue that you notice and you look like you just come of holiday when you first had it done. perfect!!!:)
I use sunjunkie, its really nice doesnt look orange, always had good feedback from clients. Full kit including machine, gun extras and 1 litre of tan was £xxx. but i got quite a few extras like £** pop up tent and hair nets etc. but machine and tent both v suitable for mobile , i put them in boot of car all the time.
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I also use sunjunkie my slients and myself love it and keep coming back as the colour is very natural and you never look tangoed! very reasonable in price and you have 3 different shade and 3 intensites to choose from it also smells amazing

Good luck with choosing one and do lots of research before you decide


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I would also recommend Nouvatan start up kit is £xxx if you book training at the same time, i got a 5008 maximist a skylight cubicle a 2 litres of solution and posters and customer leaflets ect the solution is brilliant best one i have ever tried. And i tried loads also they are great people to deal with and they have never let me down if Dawn says it will be there next day then it is there next day :lol:
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I am also new and this week did my training with Nouvatan, it was fab and the colour looked so nice on my model. Dawn seems really lovely and will help with anything she can over the phone.:)
:lol: Hi i would recommend sienna x i have trained with them and i also all my clients love the tan result and lasting but i bought my equipment cheaper else wear. Good luck x
Xen Tan all the way
suntana do a really good deal with gun , tent and solutions i think its ****pounds. st tropez is really expensive, and personally i prefer the different depth of tans with the suntana another one is crazy angel they do the whole lot incl retail and it wears off better than any other tan ive ever used !!!:)
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The best thing to do is try the tans to see which one you get on best with. You can ring round some tanning brands and get some samples sent out to you, see what you think of the companies customer service etc. You could also go and have a tan done at a nearby salon and see what you think of it yourself as a client as opposed to looking at it from our perspective as a professional.

Regarding equipment, as somebody has already mentioned, the HV5008 is our best selling machine. I personally prefer the gun upgrade but the one that comes with it is perfectly fine and sprays very well. The 5008 has got a very good reliable motor and will cope very well with lots of tans and tanning parties.



I done my training with Solglo and purchased the full kit with pop up tent.
The support I have recieved from United Beauty has been great and at £xxxxxfor 5 Ltrs of the Sun kissed and Sun Drenched I am already needing more solution as my clients seem to love it. They are also buying the Sun Touched mist. Everybody has preferences! Happy Sparying :)
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