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Rainbow Bright

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Feb 25, 2011
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Sorry it's going to be a long one......

So I've been reading some threads for the Biz section debating the validity of short courses V's NVQ. I can understand both sides of the argument and agree with a lot of the points made, but now its left me feeling under educated and doubting whether I should be working mobile.

I trained with Bio Sculpture a couple of years ago, and have done the Shellac & Minx classes, after feeling I'd gotten enough practice in I started advertising and propery working mobile about 7 months ago. It's going well, at the moment I only work part time to fit around my children (which was the whole aim in the first place). I feel I do a good job and my clients are happy.

Additionally I have been studying books such as 'Encyclopedia of Nails', 'The complete Nail Technician' by Marian Newman & Doug Schoons Nail structure book and sucking in as much info as I can (also from this wonderful site!) - I was never naive enough to think I would know it all after just doing the few courses that I've done. I know there is always loads more to learn and techniques to perfect, and was planning to further my education by training with CND (when I can afford it!).

But having read the above mentioned threads, and seeing how majority of people think that an NVQ level 2 should be done as a basis and then topped up with short courses, I'm now wondering should I be looking at doing an NVQ instead? Another factor is that we may be emigrating to Oz at the next year and I'm worried that I should have a recognised qualification to be able to set up when we've moved.

What are your thoughts or experiences, any comments greatly received!:confused:
Hi. I did my I initial training with Nsi four years ago. I also did Hollywood toes and nail art with them. I worked mobile for a bit but felt that I really needed more experience. I decided to enrol at college and do my nvq 2. I gained loads of knowledge and as well as doing man and ped I learned the art of gel mails and loads more nail art. But perhaps more importantly I learned the science behind the nail. The nail structure the muscles, nerves, contraindications that I would never have heard of if I hadn't of gone back to college. I decided to carry on a do my level 3 this year and again hav gained so much. I also get to spend time with other nail techs and we can give each other constructive advice about how we are doing. The other side of course is that the college salon is very busy and we get a wide variety of people coming in wanting anything from a gel polish to some times very detailed stilleto nails which is a challenge but excellent experience. I still work mobile but I am now much more confident in what I am doing. Sorry to go on a bit but hope it helps x
I too was also doubting my course after reading threads on here posted recently including people questioning how anyone can train as a nail tech without gaining a manicure qualification first.although I did a college course its not an nvq so I too have been thinking should I do an nvq course.however although I do agree with some things said about short courses & that you cannot learn everything in a day.I also believe that just because the course is longer etc.. doesn't mean its better than a short one.a course is only as good as the person teaching it.for example I could do a 6day course that could be an equivalent to an nvq rather than a 3day course but that doesn't mean the 6day course is better just because its longer.what matters is the quality of the course & what was taught in it not the length of time the course was running for but that's my opinion.x

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You are making money, your clients return to you, sounds to me like you are doing it right.
Now, the lady in Manchester, she is so lucky to have a college that teaches such a good course, most unfortunately do not.
My thought is, if you intend to stay a nail specialist, then no, I wouldn't go to college, after attending industry training you will find the pace at college to slow, it will drive you crazy.
If however you want to branch out to other area's of the beauty industry then yes, college is a good idea, but, pick your college carefully, find out how past students rate their college, look at the course syllabus very carefully and check out the instructors qualifications and experience.
Last point, find out which of the qualifications will be recognised by NZ.
It may be that they will only recognise an Itec or Btec qual, it may be that regardless of British quals you will have to sit a trade test before being granted a licence, or you may find you don't need any college quals at all.
The NZ immigration service should be able to tell you what you need or be able to point you in the right direction to find out.
Thanks for your replies. I think the best thing is for me to check what I need for Australia and go from there.