white tips fall off


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Apr 8, 2007
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I have done a couple of people with white tips and clear gel over lay and all have fallen off or cracked within a week. Is it becasue u dont blend white tips?? I have done white gel and white acylic tips on clear nail tips and had no probs

help please

i def roughed up the white tip so i know it wasnt that, didnt know about the UV lamp not curing white tips as well though wonder if they are any better if i use acrylic instead of gel.
I see you are still in training.best thing is to discuss this with your educator.Its not a case of switching from one to another. Gels,acrylic,fabric they are all as good as eachother in the right hands and on the right nails.
What brand are you training with.
i was using salon system gel but have heard from a friend that she has had probs with salon system too. I am using alan roy gel now. as i say i have used clear tips with white and pink gel and had no probs but as soon as i use white tips and clear gel over lay it seems to just peel off. have been reading some other threads and some people have said that white tips dont cure under a lamp becasue the UV light bounces back and doesnt cure??
yes some gels will not cure over white tips.

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