Why are my sculptured nails so uncomfortable?


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Aug 23, 2007
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West sussex, UK

Firstly I didnt do them a girl practicing on me at college did. They are sculpted gel nails and man are they uncomfatable under the free edge. At first I just thought it was where the form had been under my free edge but they are still like it today I have tried filing them short fiiling underneath using an orange stick but nope they are still as uncomfatable as hell. Is it product seepage under the free edge? If so anyway to solve it other than cutting my nail to nothing? Its only my two middle fingers but the rest of my nails are quite long.
The tipped ones on my ring fingers feel fine. agrh Its so horrible to type lol Help me!!! :lol:

Hey no worries finally managed to get my nails short enough to see the gel under the free edge and get a corner and pick it out phew does that ever feel better you should see the size of the pieces of gel I pulled out! No winder I was in so much disomfort :rolleyes:

Technically sculptures should be more comfortable than tips, as there is nothing "forced" onto your nail.

The discomfort could be due to seepage, pinching, or in your case (being gels) shrinkage of product.
I've never had anything to do with gel nails, in spite of angel and scratchers offers (one day ladies one day) but I would say originally you probably had product seepage but now you have probably irritated your fingers by poking around under there, the best thing to do is leave them alone to settle down, or find out the correct way to remove them with out damaging your natural nail.
Improper form placement (fitting) is the normal cause of this, you end up with a huge blob of gel under the FE, also new students with a heavy hand tend to push down on the form, basically pushing the gel under the FE. New students also tend to apply them way to thick which leads to a painful amount of shrinkage....... the perils of letting a new student do your nails huh :)
i thought it would have been seepage under the free edge,im glad you sorted it out its just a shame that you had to shorten some of your nails to do it.could you have not gone back to wear you had them done? as they would have been able to sort the problem out for you:)

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