Why did you choose your Salon Geek name?


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Jun 16, 2012
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I'm interested......

Why have you all chosen the salon geek name that you have?
What do they mean?
What does your name say about you?

Mine name is hazel eyes.... Because I have them! Not very original to be honest and thinking about it they aren't even hazel really lol!

Tbh I wish i picked something more industry related and fancy smancy but hey I joined over a year ago sort of by mistake and didn't comment till last mth!

What about you? Why did you choose that name for yourself?
I really want to change mine i wasn't really thinking when I created my profile :/ I can't though can I? X
Thank you mods! 😉
After my 2 cats Toni and CJ.
I love wild flowers......
I have Persian cats.
I like nails haha.

I couldnt think of anything better :/

Laura x
I really want to change mine i wasn't really thinking when I created my profile :/ I can't though can I? X

I think you can ask the mods to change it!
My cat waffle ;) (everyone prob thinks it's the food)
After my 2 cats Toni and CJ.

Me 3 ! I read as tonic j lol.

I gave mine about 30 secs thought, I am a geek about skin, the site is Salongeek. Then I realised there is a skin geek section. Geek indeed. Nevermind :-/ x
Ha. Now you know:)
I felt incredibly on the spot when signing up and just couldn't think of a name. My dad rang me and he always calls me stephie when he wants something, its usually just Steph. I also had my son, who was a baby at the time on my lap so I put them together and got stephiebaby.

Scissorz- my business name and also reflects my passion as a hairdresser ✂️

I also read tonicj as tonic j 😄
Brilliant thread!

Mine was down to my son watching Happyfeet when I signed up or he had been watching it non stop! Pre pregnancy psychotic hormonal crankiness I was in the main a happy person too haha... my halo has slipped ;) :D

I love how we interpret other people's names or pronounce them. Funnily enough Tonicj I always read it as Tony JC! Waffle I always thought you called yourself that because you liked to talk... perhaps cos like this post i'm waffling on!!! Tomme I always used to read as Tomy like the toy manufacturer. There's lots more I do this with too!


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My surname is turner , my hubby was In the navy and all turners have the nickname topsy turner

So we call each other topsy !

......... Sad I know ! X

Laura x
My name is Kelly-Liane, but loved ones have always called me Kellsy :) xx
My cats are missy and muffin.
Doh mad cat woman :)

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