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Oct 27, 2006
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Can anyone help me block my wireless.
I was on my way home from work today and the local primary school headmistress stopped me. She kindly told me she managed to pick up our wireless from their wireless at the school.................apparently people can sit in their car's and do this from outside your house and use your internet connection. All my private stuff is blocked but how do I block the wireless!!!:rolleyes:
hi hun, im not an expert but you ned to make sure your wireless is a secured connection, when i log on, i can see mine and 3 or 4 others in the area, some are secured which means they are locked to other computers, but one is unsecured which means anyone can use this network to log on,

in the wireless router settings, there should be an option to make your connection secured, and also you need to set it so that only your pc can access it, and you would have to input a password to use the network.

now im not 100% how to do this, i know how to do it on mine, but not generally, i would search the net for forums, discussing your brand and make of router etc, theres usually step by steps how to do everything hun, but to be honest if it was me, id reset and start from scratch unless someone can talk you thorugh it step by step what to do

hope you get it sorted, sorry i cant be more help hun xxxx
It it should tell you how to do it in the manual you received with the router, we have the same problem only we lost the manual :rolleyes:.

Recap on the steps you took when setting up, there my have been a step you missed.

A lad from our did it for us, we thought he had set this up...........will get hubs to look at it before he goes to sea.
Thanks everyone xxxxxxxxx
If anyone needs some help on this send me a PM with the make and model number of your router and i'll find out how to do it for you.

Mat xx

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