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Jan 12, 2003
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Wolverhampton, W. Mids.
Hi all, its great to finally have my pc back after what has felt like forever. I'm trying to catch up on all the posts but.....you guys have been so busy :) so many new faces too! Well I had to tell you because I'm so excited :bouncy: ..... I've been kind of busy myself. I am working for a local education dept travelling to different venues promoting nail art courses. As I still consider myself a nervous novice I am really chuffed with myself for actually getting up in front of people and talking, let alone showing off my art. Also I dont know if anyone has seen my nails pic in this months Nails....I won the Calgel nail art comp :goal: I'm really pleased to have won, just wish they'd used a better pic, I dont really think you can see my nails too well - partner took a good shot of my hand though :rolleyes: Will tell him not to give up the day job :D Wish I could post a pic here but dont know how :rolleyes:
Just wanted to say Congratulations- again lol!!! :D
Well done Glors

Can't say I've seen the mag yet (still waiting!) but well done.


seen them thought they where lovely had no idea they were yours very nice work

:thumbsup: :salute: :thumbsup:
Congrates! :D What page? I'm in this months issue tooo! The self portrait compitition on page 34,I placed second! Not to bad for my first attempt at a contest like that!

hi brenda have you got the page number right there not on page 34 in my nails mag
Hello Caroline,
It is page 34 but its Junes issue! Maybe thats why you can't find it?
The pic doesn't really do my nail justice, if you would like to see it I can email you a pic!
Brenda 8)
hi brenda
i am looking in june issue of nails mag but it's not there could you email me piccie then please
are you in a uk mag or american mag cause page 34 aint got you on it
Nope not in mine either, on page 34 is the rest of Marco Benitos fab salon.
So which nails mag are we talking about ???
Got Nailpro Europe too and it's not in there either, both are June issues.
Love to see those nails thought.

A big well done to Glor the Gel nails are fab.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Love Ruthxxxx
American mag.
That makes sense then lol
thought I had gone mad lol
I am a UK nail tech and dont subscribe to the states mags.
So maybe you could get a piccie for us, that would be great
Love Ruth xxxxxxxxxxxxx
I would put it on here but I'm new at this and have no clue how to do it! :oops:
would love to see pic can you email it to me please

Nice to see you back and well done on the competition - FANTASTIC 8) - I did see the pics but didn't of course realise it was you!! :rolleyes: Also well done to Brenda - I think she is talking about the USA Nails Magazine!! Well done all of you :thumbsup: :salute:
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