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Dec 16, 2003
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Hi guys,

I was just looking for some advice. I met a lovely girl when I was on holiday who works as a beauty therapist on Virgin Atlantic flights. I was wondering whether anyone on here does this - or knows of anyone else - and has any information or advice on what it would be like, your opinions on it, what would be involved etc. It's just got me thinking about the future and new ways of doing my work!

I'd appreciate any information you may have!

Thank you so much.
Carole x
hi does anyone know where i can gain this info from virgin i cant find it
Thanks for the link to the other post. Does anyone on here do this kind of work though? Just interested to find as much about it as possible! Quite like the thought of working in their first class lounge at the airport too! My mind is racing now...
They sometimes advertise job vacancies in the trade mags hth
I have just found an ad for the jobs with Virgin in this months Babtac magazine the details are
You will need at least 1 years salon experience since qualifying and one of the following qualifications: BTEC HND, NVQII plus body massage, ITEC, Aestheticienne Diploma or CIDESCO International Diploma.
Also an EU passport and stand at least 5`2" in height,
call 0870 190 4403 and quote ref 2006/AS/BT/01
good luck if you decide to apply hun :hug:
Hi Carole,

I saw your thread about IFBT and thought I would drop you a quick line. Believe it or not we met some years back through Cuticles, and I now work as crew for virgin atlantic. The job really does depend on whether you want to be in the air or one of the clubhouses (upper class lounges) In the air they start at around 15,000 pa and you get trip pay and allowances on top of this, so this works out at around 21,000 approx a year if you save your allowances. You work in the upper class area at the front of the aircraft and offer about 4 treatments during the flight to the upper class passengers. The course is 16 weeks long (basd at gatwick) and you have to do the full cabin crew safety element of the training followed by the inflight beauty therapist element. It is a great job and involves lots of lovely destinations, but as an ifbt you only fly from heathrow which if I remember correctly would be quite commutable for you in Reading. I still do my nails in my own time as I have cut back to part time which really is the best of both worlds. If you want to know anymore just drop me line.

Caroline x:)

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hi do you know of any other airlines that do this just its i live near manchester
Alot of the girls commute from the north. They do have base in manchester, but none of the routes are the ones that carry inflight beauty therapists, but you could consider just being cabin crew if that tickles your fancy, if you dont fancy doing the commute that is.
If u need to know anything else, just give me a pm
I have a couple of friends who are working on the cruise ships, and they love it, they have been all over the world more then once, and when they touch base in the uk rather then thinking of holidays they go of for more training. If I was single that would be the life for me:)
And as an IFBT you get to spend all your time in Upper Class!

I must admit that I have been very lucky to have experienced the utter joys of Virgin Upper Class on several flights - mostly through raiding my hubby's Air Miles, it was even in his wedding vows to me!

The IFBT treatments are lovely, include a manicure, pressure point back and shoulder massage, "hot hands" and something else that I can't remember. I've had a manicure sat at my seat and the Hot Hands a few times and several treatments in their Heathrow Clubhouse - including my first fake tan! St Tropez spray tan.

If anyone is interested in a career with Virgin Atlantic i'd definately have a look at the website V-Flyer (i'm on there with same username) and also Cabin Crew, Cabin Crew Jobs, Cabin Crew Forum, Cabin Crew Careers for the inside story.

Mat xx
thanks so much for all the info fozzyo

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