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SAMUEL!!!!!!! I am laughing hysterically at you!!!!!! You are TOO funny!!! LOLLOLOL !!!
The Worm Coffin is not a CND product, but a Designer Nails UK product.

Here is a picture of it:


Sorry its taken from so far away...
Its a long black box that costs a few quid. Nothing too fancy... For an extra £50, we will line it in plush velvet.

Tooodles all.
Okay I have looked on CND web sites and see no such thing. Just how do I get one. I will be going to the beauty supply something this week and I don't want to look like a fool when I ask for a worm coffin. :D :D :D

I would like to see a pictures of one of these, to see for myself. :D :D :D


Jan 11, 2003
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Daventry, Northants (UK)
Hey Sam,

a worm coffin was mentioned. Tell me more. I need something suitable for my good old Kolinsky.

What is it, how much, where to buy.

Now that would be a good merchandise thing - if they are not too expensive maybe we could get one for joining the club - instead of say a coaster :D
It is a long black plastic box (looks like something you would bury a pet worm in) that easily stores a brush. Put a lil blue tack in the center and bam! into brusho holder.

They are about £3 from Designer Nails or the various OSNS's.

Whos giving out coasters and why the hell didnt I get one? :)
You could try the travel toothbrush holders from Boots Fiona, perfect length and £1.50
Worm coffin??!! Eeeeww, that just sounds nasty! LOL :?
We decided to have a case dedicated for the purpose of holding a professional brush - thought it looked much more professional than a toothbrush holder from Boots!! lol

Ange. who else could name a long skinny black box a 'worm coffin' but the Geek?? It does sound nasty but ..... I told you before, these peole from Utah have a special way of looking at things! I don't think we're meant to understand how their minds work.
I agree Geeg, I have heard some very strange things from the Geeks mouth, now I know why! Utah! LOL
But seriously, I have the cutest brush holder. It is clear and it was once a home for pencils, but now serves a more useful purpose holding my brushes. Who needs a holder for their pencils anyway? Its not like they are a rare commodity and can't be easily replaced. Unlike my trusty Pro Styler who has been with me through thick and thin (nails that is) Ok, I am starting to tear up now or maybe I have been sniffing the acetone fumes a little too heavily today! :shock: LOL
I must say I am suprised it is not called the Bob-mobile :batman:

he he he
Bob mobile! Or how about...Bob's Bachelor Pad?
I think we need one scanned in, the visual I have on this just can not be right...lol
I think I need to go to specsavers, can`t see the pic very well!!!! rofl
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