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Michael Reynolds

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Aug 23, 2015
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Hi everyone,

Hoping you can help, just finish a client who was slightly scary :/
Hasn't had her hair cut in over 18 months :-0 she hair was all over the place. Anyway she wanted some length off and some layers put in
I have attached the before and after.
As you can see she has curly hair, and I hate doing Curly hair. I'm happy with the length as she did want to go shorter. However I'm really concerned about the layers she asked for the layers to be mid length and I showed her before I cut any of the layers how it would look she agreed that was okay, however once I had cut the layers she then looked at me then looked at her hair and said well the layers are short. when I was looking at her hair before I blowdried it looked okay but the more I blowdried her hair into a big bouncy blowdry I did start to get worried myself. She was a very difficult client in regards to touching your hair every five minutes as you drying her hair and she was very very concerned about getting a haircut and It made me quite concerned. When she left she was over the moon I'm really pleased with it however I'm slightly nervous that when she washes her hair and does her own thing to it that she's going to nitpick things.

After taking a five year break I've only really just got back into hairdressing and my confidence isn't so sky high at the moment, and I'm really getting myself worked up about this could anyone please look at the before and after photo and in regards to the after photo tell me if they think the layers and the length is going to spring up quite a lot.

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

Those layers look long enough, at a guess I'd say the fussiness was a result of her picking up on your lack of confidence? How were you while she was there? I've been reading lots of your posts in the last few weeks and I get the impression that your really struggling with your confidence, that's ok tho, you've been out of action for a while I know. Is it techniques your worrying about or something else with regards to cutting & colouring? Most warehouses run courses if it's that that's killing your confidence?
You might find a subscription to www.myhairdressers.com worthwhile, to refresh you of the basics and learn about new techniques.

If you google it, you can often find offer codes to bring the annual price right down.
@kahuna thanks for your comment. Yes my confidence is low as I'm just so nevrous, maybe it's a mixture of setting up a home salon and not doing hair for years. In front of clients I am really confidant just in my head I think help ha. I'm doing quiet a lot of courses as well to give me a boost :)
Ah cool my next idea would be fake it till you make it, but I think you've got that going anyway lol, good luck with it all, confidence will come with experience I have no doubt :)
Hi Michael,
Have you considered working P/T in a salon, in order to get your confidence/skill's up ......?
You've been out the loop a little while, and working in isolation will not help.
I'd give it some thought.;)
Hi Michael, I really feel for you but you need to chill out! I think Red Stars idea is fab, you'll feel much better in a salon environment where you'll be able to shadow others and get advice. If that isn't an option, as AcidPerm said Myhairdressers.com is fab, Toni and Guy have some videos on YouTube, L'Oreal professional have some videos in the online training bank section of their website. L'Oreal also do amazing courses, I went on a 3 day foundation cutting course which was great at covering the basics if you've had a break and costs less than £300. You clearly care about the service you're providing, you'll be fine.
If she hasn't cut her hair for 18 months then she's not someone who truly cares about her hair. So remember that.
I don't think the layers are too short. I think the best thing one can do to help clients with that kind of texture is to spend 10 minutes and teach them how to style their own hair.
I also agree Myhairdressers.com is a lot of great info to build confidence.
I must not truly care about my hair as I have only recently had it cut after over a year! This is down to the fact I am scared the hairdresser will cut too much off for me as they have in the past ( my mum was a hairdresser with two salons so she used to always do it for me but now can't as she suffers with dementia) and I have a clingy toddler with no childcare available apart from when I go to work and would never take her with me to get a haircut as she would not sit still and be good. The hair looks lovely and you said she was pleased when she left she was probably just nervous whilst you were doing it, I wouldn't worry.
If she hasn't cut her hair for 18 months then she's not someone who truly cares about her hair. So remember that.

That's now always the case. Don't assume that. That client might be nervous.
Thanks for all your comments guy, she actually called me yesterday to say she loves her hair! All that worrying for nothing haha.
I have joined that site tho so thanks for that guys, am also looking at some refresher classes :)

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