Wow - the ugly face of disappointment!


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Yesterday was my first day back......
Folk did not want/expect to pay for any of the extra ppe.
I have individual packs for each client, disposable gown towel, & mask......
No one offered to pay extra for these....
I had a sign on the desk saying a contribution to the ppe would be appreciated.
No one did
My advise to those of you who are still considering what to do about the whole ppe costing is to just insist they come with their own mask, or they will have to pay for one of yours.
To be honest, I wouldn’t bother with all the disposable gown & towels.... just launder them!!
Clients really don’t expect or want to pay - so don’t waste your money!
About one month into lockdown - we were being spoken about as if we were ‘Demi Gods....’
Gush gush.... “ I can’t wait for my lovely hairdresser to return...”
Now however we are back to being at their service - bottom rung of the ladder...apparently at their beck & call
Their belief is that by now we are so skint - so desperate that we will be happy working ‘round the clock’ to pander to their every whim

I have booked to open 6 days for the he first 2 weeks - trying to be accommodating.....
I have - as yet - not increased my prices
I’m starting to think why not!
Price the miserable b******s out
At least if they still come - they will have to pay for it!
100% I promised myself over lockdown never again will I give up my time off for clients.. regardless of how loyal they are.. I am employed so don’t have my own business but I have not agreed to work any extra days/hours to fit people in.. and your right there was a time we were so highly respected, as soon as we were able to reopen.. the rudeness shows it’s ugly head again if they don’t get what they want.... Clients should realise the hairdresser is the prize and not the other way round! We bend over backwards for clients I don’t see them doing that for us... I am so done with working with people I think lol....

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