Wow - what a site!


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Oct 22, 2003
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Droylsden in Manchester
Hi - I am VERY new to the nail industry, I stumbled across this website and now I am hooked!!!! I have spent the last week reading posts and replys - you can't buy this stuff - its FAB! - I now have Panda Eyes from all the late nights - but its well worth it - you will definitely be hearing more from me!
Well welcome Hun,
Yes this board is's like an online reference guide .........
Someoe should write a book based on all of our topics covered lol
would be a huge book...............well on the nail related stuff anyway......
The other non nail topics would be good in a book like.......... In the life of a Nail Tech ..................

But glad you enjoy this fab site............
But I think we should get all free sunshades, designer of course...........
Or maybe just geeky eye patches, so we can give one eye at a time a rest...........
So cheers :hic: have a voddy and orange and enjoy

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
welcome to the board

Need any help just ask :D :D

but you will spend many a long night on here ;)
welcome nail diva :D
if u r thinking...... mayb the novelty will wear off soon.....
you're wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
enjoy your new friends :D
lol liza xx
Sawasdee ka diva

From mui and every body my shop in Thailand .

Kop khun ka mui
Thanks for the great welcome - back on again this morning - taking advantage of my baby having an unexpected lie-in!
Hello, welcome to the board!

I've found sooooooo many things out since i joined, i think this site is what you call PRICELESS!! :D
Yep!! Feel free to ask any questions or just to chatter. You will receive a reply from an expert within a few hours normally.

I have looked at may boards where advice is given, but often the advice is based on someones opinion or an old wives tale they have heard. And these sort of answers just spread the same old misinformation that has been around for years. On this site you will get great tuition from the teachers themselves with factual up to date info.
Nail Diva... NJoy!!! 8)
Hi There.....and welcome to the board...
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