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Feb 6, 2006
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When using this glitter (with YN clear powder) i'm finding it really grainy, it's difficult to explain! I mixed it 1 part glitter to 2 parts clear powder, this is the ratio the lady told me to use when I ordered, I noticed on Christie's Nails that she uses a ratio of 1 glitter to 3 powder?? I tried this as I thought that more powder would maybe make it less grainy, but it's the same :rolleyes:
Should I be working wetter or drier with this? Can anyone help?

I've only just started to use young Nails so it could be that I need to adjust myself? Don't have any probs with the other powders though just when I add the glitter??

Any advice would be really appreciated
In general you need to work a bit wetter with glitters.

I have never used Young Nails glitters so I dont really know how they work.

However with the glitters I use, they dont behave like a normal bead but need to be moved about to where you want them. Hope that makes sense.
When you say 'grainy' do you mean it looks a bit sparse? As in gaps with no glitter? If so use more glitter in your mix.

Or it feels grainy when finished? You need to cap in clear before you finish file to keep glitter in place and for it to feel smooth.

HTH's xx
Hi, yeah kinda sparse in places! but i'm also getting little clumps staying in the brush :eek: not when i first lay the bead down but when I try to work it into place, I thought this was because I was too dry so I tried it wetter but it still happens :irked: I probably just need to keep trying with it I suppose till I find my way!!!
Try again with your 2 to 1 glitter/powder ratio as that was recommended and practise using more or less liquid. If its too dry it will clump but if its too wet it will spread out too much leaving you with bare patches, if that makes sense?!

Glitter does tend to stick to the brushes a bit so make sure you use a separate brush and dappen dish and give it a good wipe when you've got the glitter in place.
I use a 3:1 ratio with Youngs glitter and powder, and give the mix a little stir after every couple of nails. I use the french pink to mix glitter with as it seems to give a better bead. I have never had problems with it being a little grainy or anything so I'm not quite sure why that would be happening. Are you giving your brush a good soak until all the bubbles disappear (burping) before you start as it sounds as if your brush may not be holding enough monomer. I would have a practice with a few beads before you apply in on to your nail. Glitter can tend to stick in the brush a little as someone has already said but should'nt actually be sticking as a bead (hope that makes sense). Let us know how it goes. x
I also use Young Nails and I use a 3:1 Ratio Get a Copy of Youngs Imagination Nail Art - Greg Salo goes through all the mix ratio's and shows you some fantastic designs with Glitter.
Thanks, will do!! was thinking of getting this anyway :)
Have you tried the L & P glitter range at NSI? My fave is Glistening Rose, they have 6 different glistening colours, they are really easy to work with, the colours are consistent, I have just re bought them all, with 3 extra of my fave glistening Rose. They really do sparkle. Have fun, lotsa luv x :hug::hug:

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