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Sep 24, 2009
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I am tempted to get some Imagination Art Liquid by Young Nails. Can you add these to gels or only to L&P.
YES you can add to the gels as well as the monomer liquid

Liquid art comes in 3 colours, red, yellow and blue. Mix them together to create further colours.
They're used for adding to your monomer liquid, changing the colour of the liquid - a little like food colouring - and then when used with clear powder they will change the colour of the powder.
Sculpting is advised as this will give a beautiful stained glass effect, add glitter or encapsulate the confetti and it gives another dimension to the finished look
Here's a link
Young Nails - Throughout England and the UK - How to use Liquid Art

and this from our friends in Australia is a great step by step for the stiletto where it can be added to the gel
StainedGlassPage1.ews | Young Nails Australia

I have used these and they are great. The only tip I would give you is to make sure that you mix enough as it is hard to get the same shade time after time so just make sure you have enough monomer for the whole job or you have mixed enough gel.

They are really easy to use and I love them! :green:

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