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Feb 6, 2006
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Hi everyone,
Ordered some bits n pieces from Young Nails yesterday including the Finish Gel...WOW this stuff is amazing!!! I can't believe how shiny it is it's like glass! this will definately be on my shopping list permanantly!!

I also got an acrylic trial kit as i'm thinking of changing brands due to a number of reasons, this too is amazing! i'm not the most experienced but I found it really nice n easy to work with especially the xxx white, couldn't believe how long the workability with it was which is absolutely brilliant for me as I need all the help I can get with my smiles :eek::eek:

Also got a couple of freebie files and tips which are really good too.

Can't wait to try the cover pink as I really need to hide my bitten nails :smack:

As everyone else has said their customer service is excellent, big thumbs up:wink2:
totally agree there products are amazing and the customer service is excellent, i love the xxx white, its so bright and vibrant, the colours all compliment each other really well, you really cant fault them, i find that the files last a lot longer than any others i have used as wel, i havent tried the cover pink yet so keep me posted on how it works, xx
I think its brilliant to have positive feedback on companies.
Whats the website you used to order please? I'm currently using Fusion but they don't have a cover pink? Thank you xx
Beat me to it!!!
lol i know sorry,

no it doesnt go chalky, and not sure about sat delivery, mine usually comes late afternoon so u might get it today. i am the same witht the colours i have want them all cant choose they all look really good. xx
Thanks for that,
Well i've narrowed it down to 13! Hubby will go mad :smack::smack:
Thank you for the site, just having a look now, I have gone into acrylic systems and then into core poweres / speed powders, which option is the cover pink? I can't tell, unless i'm in the wrong thing all together!!

Thanks again xx
I think it's called frosted pink, I'm looking in the catalogue they sent me and I think it only comes in the speed:eek: I'm gonna place an order pretty soon so i'll check that one out and let you know. :hug:
Just placed my order, the frosted pink only comes in the speed and sets in approx 30 seconds:eek::eek::eek: hth's

They also have on offer 10 colours/glitters/mylars etc for £** (contact Cherubs Via pm for price)
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Oops sorry about adding the prices:o

I just can't get over these products, i've been playing all afternoon and it's still early days but using these I actually feel like i'm good at doing nails :D I havn't felt like that for a while!!
Cherubs, the speed will set in 60, core in 90 seconds. It sounds fast, but believe me it is workable for sure! If you mix the frosted 50/50 with the french pink (core) you get a nice mix for covering, this mix is more pink.

I began using YN in august last year and was totally sold instantly! :green:
i use the speed white as i find i work better with this, less messing around with it. im considering buyin frosted pink too, bt tbh dnt get many nail biters:)
Thanks Xena, I didn't order any of the french pink, I got the xxx pink and the frosted, would that mix still work? what's the difference between these 2 pinks?
hi, i would think so, i was told by my trainer that you could mix a speed with xxx as it just helps get the setting time inbetween. dont suppose it matters which pinks you mix
French pink is the pinkest pink they have, xxxpink is if i am not mistaken, a bit more pink then the regular pink. I rarely use normal pink. I always use the 50/50 mix or other opaque mixes for the nailbed. All my clients wear it.
Emerald is right, you can mix up what ever you like! But the mix will come out a bit less pink. It really doesn't matter, you have to try out some things ;) You can always mix in a little red from their collection to make it more pink.. but a tiny tiny bit :) hth
The lady on the phone told me the xxxpink is a really intense clear pink???
So what would I mix to make a pink more opaque? I ordered the natural too
I love the natural powder it gives good coverage. I have the frosted pink and that is really nice too it may provide you with enough coverage. I would just have a play around with the colours until you find the right coverage for you. If you give Young's a ring they are always happy to give advise. You have chosen a lovely product and your right it is great to work with and I am never without my Finish Gel!

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