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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
Hey!! meep meep as Nelly Furtado would say ;)

Just wondering...where dya all get your ideas from when designing nails?

For's mainly things Im interested in..for example my playboy bunny nails (you should see the amount of playboy bunny items i own!!)

I also like to take ideas from photos I've seen or patterns.

Also, I like looking at photos of celebs or models and try to design nails that would match their outfits. This is great fun!!! I went to the Versace exhibition a while ago in London and my head was BUZZING with ideas!!!

What about you lot??

xx layla xx
I really enjoy painting flowers, leaves, etc. We have so many flowers all over the place here and when I look at them I get inspired.
I also paint in real life, lol, animals, flowers, nature inspires me.

i mean it seriously everything inspires me , at the moment i am really into 3d art havent done a 3d for about 2 weeks now which was my own where i now have 3d flowers on all my nails , over christmas i did a candy cane on my mums index fingers they looked really good i never got any piccies though so i suppose il have to wait till next xmas to show u lot !

I generally look through art books anything with colour to give me ideas or sometimes when i cant sleep i have a note book by my bed and i jot down idea .

Its amazing how creative i can be at 4 in the morning lol :p
For's mainly things Im interested in..for example my playboy bunny nails (you should see the amount of playboy bunny items i own!!)
I love the playboy bunny, I had my bellie button pierced and had a diamond playboy bunny in....but its ears stuck in me!! :oops:
Anyway back onto the subject, sometimes i get a mental block whilst nailarting......i have to go away for inspriation and come back later. Mostly i pinch ideas from other techs who have kindly posted their piccies on websites!! ALTHOUGH i have not managed to copy christies!! You go Girl.x :D
hhaha cool! I have a pink crystal playboy bunny ring ;-) thas funkay!!

I also take some ideas frm other people but its mostly my own work. I dont have an airbrush either so everything i do is handpainted. I do use some other interesting techniques though like Water Marbling and sponging.

At the momento I've got a really cool abstract design on my ring finger...Im intending to place a plaster over it for work (as i work with food) cos the design is just too good to take off!! I was gona take a pic of it 2day with a camera frm college but cos of all the snow people havent been getting into town so took the privillege of having the day off hahahaa :rofl:

xx layla xx
I look at anything and everything. I get some ideas from coloring books, signs, posters, designs on clothing, fabric, holiday items, etc... I try to take in everything in my surroundings for more inspiration!
I get it from...................................
Church windows, stained glass effect.
Fabric shops, Fashion shows, Magazines, Nature, Holiday places, India being my favorite one. Goa to be more precise, a geat mix of culture there, Portuguese, Hindu, Muslem, Catholics, the left over Hippy Markets at Anjuna. The fabrics there are to die for. Oh the list is endless.
Enough Rambling for one night
love Ruth :D
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