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Jun 30, 2010
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in the Shires!
Im loving this request but a client wishes to have the zsa zsa blue streak from eastenders...me thought this was extensions!!

I tried a test piece using a pre lightener and using fudge paintbox blue velvet, however it grabbed and went a bit green..... from the previous colours of lift.
I tried glossing it over but this isnt as vibrant as i expected.

So any geeks got any products that lift/permanant/semi permanant all in one rather than pre lightening?

Dankeshun! xoxo
When you pre lighten, it has to be really white blonde to come out as desired!
I dont know of any all in one products.. only vibrant reds and purples!
Blue is really hard i think! and as sarah_clancy said uv got to pre lighten to a very clean light blonde otherwise it doesn't come out blue at all! crazy colours are good for bright colours, iv never come across anything that lifts and dyes it blue sorry.wella magma lifts and dyes red if thats any good? I dont no if you can do hair extensions but their really good for putting bright pieces in hair? xxx
Pre-lighten to a level 10, then use the blue from the Elumen range by Goldwell. This lasts 6 weeks.

Zsa-Zsa's is extensions though. :)
thanks everyone for their replies, im definatly gona try out the goldwell, but im gona get one of my hairdressers to put some blue extensions in for her now! xoxo

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