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  1. E

    Do I need to cut my acrylic nails down?

    Hello, I’ve been getting acrylic nails for the last six months or so but my natural nails are quite long so I don’t have extensions. My nail tech says the next time she wants to start afresh with the acrylic and she’s also recommended that I cut my natural nails down and have a tip put on them...
  2. E

    Acrylics left on over 3 months (no refill)

    Hello, I’ve kept my acrylic nails on all through the latest UK lockdown and not had any refills so the regrowth is a lot :O I filed the ‘ledge’ of acrylic down 6 weeks ago to try and prevent too much unevenness but didn’t want to get rid of all of it as I find without any acrylic base my nails...
  3. angrynailtech

    Acrylic, clear works but pink lifts. Help!

    Hey hey, I am using NSI acrylic system. Whenever I do clear acrylic nails they stay on well, but whenever I use pink (3 types of pinks I own from NSI) it tends to lift. The last client I did french pink and white and the nails stayed on a week and started lifting. With clear it’s not as bad...
  4. Elrose

    Work Showcase Stilll not back at work so here’s a throwback

    This client love, love, loved pink and would have a new pink set each month without fail! ♡
  5. G

    Gel polish and acrylic brands?

    Hi everyone! I’m opening a salon next month (I know call me crazy!) I need some help with what GEL POLISH brand to use? And acrylic brands? I’m not a fan of as it’s never lasted on me, I’ve been looking at getting the Gelish brand but I’m open to looking into any! Obv long lasting and good...
  6. Jade.246

    Acrylic nails and gel polish issues, help

    Hi, I have recently been learning how to do my own acrylic nails, although I have come across a few issues. I have done them around 20 times now and still struggling to figure out where I’m going wrong so just wanting a bit of advice. I have watched a lot of videos and it seems I’m doing it...
  7. Abbiegolland95

    Acrylic brush help!

    So I am only just qualified but I have only used this brush for a second time (Done 4 nails in total) and this happened not even two nails in.... The first time I used it I cleaned it in clean acrylic for 10 minutes like it said on the back of the packet.... Really not sure if this is something...
  8. R

    Some sort of infection in my nails/cuticles, please help

    Hi, About a month ago I had gels on and i noticed lifting on one of my finger nails. I saw all this sort of peeling and debris under the nail, so I cut it down and it looked horrible - photo attached when I removed the gel, the nail was like chalk way past the end of the free edge, it was just...
  9. K

    Mixing gel brands?

    Hi! I just started doing my own gel nails at home. I went to a nail tech who did my full set, and she used the Orly builder in the pink jar to build the nails. My question is, when I go to do my fill, can I use IBD gel to build the nail back up or will it lift? I'll also be using the IBD...
  10. B

    Acrylic nail emergency

    I managed to hit my acrylic nail really hard against the cabinet 2 days ago and it bled for about 1/2 an hour and is still really sore and achy and it hurts too much to touch I’ve put a plaster over it but the acrylic is not damaged and I cannot tell what has happened underneath I don’t know...
  11. L

    Acrylic nail pain, help!

    so i’ve had acrylics for about a year. my friend does them. i’ve never had a problem. i love them because they stop me from biting my nails. however, i’m on vacation right now for a few weeks and needed a fill, so i went to a reputable place to get the fill done. a few nails were chipped and to...
  12. J

    Nail tech filed through my nail plate!

    I got my nails done at a home salon, and when she was filing the acrylic down the sides of my nails, it was super painful and started to bleed on 2 fingers, so I asked her to stop. Low and behold, after further inspection, I realized she had literally filed through my nail! There was a raw hole...
  13. S

    New to acrylic and need help!

    I had a few questions I would love some answers to! I’m new to the world of acrylics! I wanted to ask which would you say is easier to work with coloured acrylics OR polish on top of clear acrylics? Would you have to apply a thin clear acrylic layer under coloured acrylic wouldn’t this make...
  14. LinnF

    Damaged nails

    Hi again, I also wanted to ask about applying acrylic to damaged or naturally weak nails. The acrylics lift and there's the danger of damaging the nails further by buffing and removal right? I know some of this is inevitable but surely there must be ways to manage it a bit? Do you think I...
  15. D

    Nail wholesalers

    Hey ladies, I’m desperate to find a nail/beauty wholesaler who offer credit accounts so I can purchase my gels, powders and tools etc. Does anyone know who does this? Thank you Kerry
  16. I

    Maintaining healthy nails

    Hi there! I was looking for some tips or products to maintain healthy nails after or during acrylics. I want to keep my clients nails as healthy and strong as I can, because from their experience acrylics ruin their nails in the past (I’m assuming because of their nail techs). I do not do...
  17. I

    Nails techs - time management help!

    Hello! So today I completed my first full acrylic set in around 2 hours! I was getting a lot of anxiety because that’s a long time (I know it’s not that long especially for a first set..) BUT the girl whose nails I was doing mentioned it takes her normal salon around 50 minutes. FAST! I spent...
  18. E

    Starting gel nails and acrylic

    Hi, Im just starting out in Acrylic Nails and Gel Manicures got my course very soon. Struggling to decide which Acrylic system to go for NSI, CJP or Glitterbels. Does anybody use these or recommend any of these for beginners? Also any good Gel Polishes? Thankyou x
  19. S

    Gel wrinkling over acrylic

    Hi girls, I’m newly trained in acrylic but have been doing gel polish for years. In my training they said I could put gel over acrylic to finish it off. I’ve found a top coat is fine, but if I apply colour is either wrinkles or peels off within a couple of hours. I’ve read a few threads and have...
  20. E

    Beginner acrylic nails help!

    Hi, Hoping someone can help! Doing my acrylic nails training soon but wanting to do some practice before hand. What are the basic items/tools I will need for acrylic nails And do acrylics require a UV lamp,Thanks in advance x